neat gadget

a collection of recent fabric work, mainly so you don’t have to scroll endlessly thru posts.


Pair of matching silk wedding kimono


jim. makes anything look good.

work area

part of my vast sewing empire.

three silk kimono

3 kimono finally finished. it always takes twice as long.

dragon kimono

if it fits me, it will fit her.

dragon and water scarves

jim’s designs are so nice i started making scarves with them.

sudie, cavalier king charles spaniel

sudie is my little king charles spaniel.

tumbles, maltese

tumbles is my kid allison’s maltese.

smudge and schuyler, cats

smudge and schuyler don’t think i make a mess.

3 kimono

a good cast is best repeated.


by the way, i took some handmade paper and made wrapping paper she can iron out if she wants, and get framed.

pastel scarf and kimono dragons

the dragon in silk kimono, silk scarf, and pastel on paper.

scarf kimono

ensemble suggestion: use scarf as obi.

pastel scarf and kimono water

the stream and crane in pastel on paper, silk scarf, and silk kimono.

pastel water

crane and stream, pastel on paper.