our community garden part 2

it’s going to be a monthly meeting, so it’s going to be a monthly post.

round place social 7/19/16

jim and i set up at 6. it was cloudy but the radar didn’t show anything nearby. A few people ambled in, nobody much brought food or anything, which was too bad, because i was hungry. I printed out a copy of the 1980 zoning map of the area that shows a building belonging to the rhodes home – right where the cul de sac is now.

Several neighbors came by for the first time, and so we talked about the ideas and the next steps. I explained that i still don’t know who owns the actual street and woods that currently comprise our future community garden, but that i’m talking to gdot – the right of way office and the surplus property people, and have yet to talk to anyone at those same departments at the city of atlanta and fulton county. It’s a long and twisty road finding something like this out, and i’ve made nothing but negative progress – it’s not a state dot area, we think, the guys are still checking and i have more legwork to do.

We weren’t there an hour before the thunder started, and the group went home when the wind picked up and it started getting dark. But we did decide to have a gargantuan yard sale in september or october, we’re going to think about a squaredance, a block party, a bbq, a movie night. We also managed to pick up two wire planters (the kind that a ton of decorative rock comes in from the landscaping yard).

The next meeting will be August 18, from 6-8 pm.


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