new scarf designs

i’m designing a batch of scarves to send to the folks in olafsfjordur.  i’ve got three ideas.

one is the northern lights scarf i already do.


the others are from photos i took while i was there this summer.  one up on the eastern valley where there’s still lots of snow and plenty of rocks,


and the other of the vatn of olafsfjordur and its ring of mountains, taken from the bridge over the river (on the very day i saw a hidden folk jogging toward me on the bridge, and then he wasn’t there).


here are the first tries at these designs (except for the northern lights one).  i am also testing my formula for making silk paints from mx dyes when i’m doing this.  and when i am done, i have three presents to send off to people.

now i have to refine them or reject them, and then do a production run of about a dozen or 1.5 dozen in all.  and preferably before xmas.

please let me know what you think of this latest batch.

3 thoughts on “new scarf designs

  1. For starters, I love them all. Each one is beautiful enough to hang on the wall as a piece of art. For the top and bottom designs, I think that translates well into the scarf and the way it would be worn. For the center one, I would have to see it worn around a neck or hair to see how the center part in particular would look. They look just like your photos though, remarkable what you can do in this medium!

  2. I am amazed at what you have achieved too. It is not easy to work with silk paints. I especially love the Northern Lights one. My own trip to FInland to see this phenomenon was unfortunately unsuccessful!

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