troll sweater design

i’m probably not doing it right.  i’m using graph paper, and filling in a little square for every stitch.  and now i’ve found a website that works with my computer, and i’m designing a generic knit pattern, and will leave the lopapeysa complexities alone for awhile.  i’m not even there yet.

i’m working on designing a little gryla figure, holding a wooden spoon and a bag full of naughty kids.  she’s in profile, stalking around on her mission.  it’s one figure, repeated over and over around the yoke of the sweater.  but i’m not sure how big to make it, or how many stitches to use, or any of those final details.  i’m just trying to make an icon at the moment,

it’s a pixel thing.  it’s like creating a new font.  you have to get into character map and draw the thing one pixel at a time.  and it only looks like a thing when you back away from it.  and every pixel alters its shape, its gesture, its attitude.

so i’m only starting.

first i drew a bunch of figures, and then jim did his version, and i drew all over his and then he drew another one, and then i spent a lot of time making them smaller, all on a piece of notebook paper.


then i got out the graph paper, and then i got online and found a pattern generator that you can trace imported pictures on.  so then i took a photo of my drawings, got rid of the lines, and transferred to the online pattern workgrid.


here’s how it looks filled in.


i worked up a few of them, filled them in with color, and saved them to show jim and discuss where to go from there.



you can perhaps see subtle differences between the versions.  i’m messing with the tail and the arm holding the bag.

grylafilled 1

tailarm 2



i’m not sure what i’m doing, so if you have a clue, please let me know.


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