finishing my first exterior wall mural


here we come to the last in many posts detailing my progress on this mural.  at this point i only had a couple of days left to work on the mural, and a combination of rain, a fall off a bike, last minute parties and trips and odds and ends before leaving town.  so the very last part of the mural was done between 5 and 6 in the morning, on a very cold day when my hands would start to freeze up after ten minutes of work.  so the timelapse clips are going to be shorter than usual…


mainly what i have done on the outside was to put on a very thin coat of the truest of the blues i used on the ocean around the figure.  i needed to obscure the lines between colors, and also make the sea lighter.  the other thing i had to do was make his eye blue, and finalize the colors in the beard.  there is black, a very strong green, and a very light green used here, and i took some even lighter green, approaching white, as highlights on the ‘gray’ parts of the beard.  i wanted to make him old, but ageing is fine, too.


next was the lettering.  i started by using my krink marker, and it’s the same problem with using rollers.  i can’t control them well enough, and prefer a brush.  tho i took pains to mark out the level baselines of the letters, i ended up putting the letters in all wonky.  the baseline isn’t level at this point, and the round letters like o,s,a and d were ungainly.  of course, talking to someone who stopped by to have a look while i was putting in the lettering remarked that trolls can’t write straight either, and that made me feel better.  but the letters are still all wrong.


so at 5 in the morning on the day i left town, i came out with the greenish white paint, and restated the lettering.  it’s now much thicker, and shadowed by a line of black.  i kept getting off the ladder and moving back to take a look, and then going back in for some more work.  and of course, at the end, i still wanted to put a raven at the bottom corner.  i had some good experiences with the ravens of the town, and ravens are associated with trolls, so if i couldn’t talk to the trolls, i could explain myself to the ravens, and i did so.  now they are my totem animal.

and this is the completed mural.  i am going to copyright the image and give a permanent license to the town of fjallabyggd to use for promotion.  and it’s part of a much larger project that i’m going to be giving a lot effort to. so stay tuned.


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