wall mural more

it’s been awhile; i apologize.  things have been a little busy, which you can see over on my travel blog.

so when we last did anything about this mural, it was to continue adding white to the blue paint and go around the figure making oceanlike lines.  pretty boring, as the timelapses will show.  and i’m  not even done with that in the picture below.


but finally i am finished.  then i took the flesh tone and went around making the nose especially a little fatter, and then i took the green and made sure to get every little fjord, and the same with the red.  i find i had originally drawn it all in pretty sloppily, and wanted it to be an exact map.


at that point it was time to stop messing around and commit myself to the facial features.  so i got out a thin brush and some black paint, and transferred the markings from my gridded drawing.  and suddenly the locals were paying a lot more attention to the mural.


the eyebrows and forehead hair was left to last because i didn’t feel like getting up on the ladder at that point.


i began lightening the antler headdress with whitened red-black paint, meaning to keep adding white and keep building up the lights in the middle of the antlers.  and while i was at it, i gave the figure red lips, red nose, cheeks, and ears.  just because i can’t stand to have a loaded brush and not make marks.


and when that was done, i decided i had to put color on the beard, so i got out the yukky green and slapped it up as thinly as i could, partly because i hate the color, adn partly because i only had a little green paint.  at this point one of the little kids who ride their bikes all day long in this area (because they’ve made several jumps in the back), decided to come up and make some remarks on my work, which of course i couldn’t understand, as neither of us speak the same language.  but everybody speaks art, so i handed him the paintbrush and he put in a considerable part of the lower beard, and then rode away.  i wonder if he told his mom or his friends that he helped.  i’ll be he will later.  if i see him again i’ll get him to put his name on it somewhere.


after the green was up, i toned it back down with the light green i used as a base.  and then restated the black lines.


and then i went around the frame of the picture with primer, having scraped it when i decided the picture needs a frame.  i’m not sure what i will paint it when i’m finished with the mural, but i will decide when i’m done.


at this point i still need to lighten up the antlers.  then i need to make the first few rings of blue ocean a little lighter, so that it reads from a distance, and while i’m at it i will smooth out the transitions in the blue.  and then there’s the raven, and the frame, and the title and labels (i’m going to put the cities in).  and then it’ll be done.  yay.

here are the relevant timelapses, 23, 24, 25, 25a, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30


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