wall mural 4

i got up really early because the sun was shining in my window.  it might have been 4 am.  but i waited until 6 before going outside to start outlining my face.  at first i used a 3″ roller, and started at the back of the head because it’s the least complicated.  but i really don’t like rollers.  so when it came to the complicated bits i remembered this fact, got a wet rag and scrubbed the wall, and got a 1″ brush to draw the beard, face and headdress.  it took about an hour to finish drawing it in. here’s the timelapse.  dig the clouds foaming over the mountain.


and now i’ve got to figure out what colors to use, and where.  do i use realistic colors for the head and hair?  do i get fanciful?  i posted a sample picture to fb and asked my friends, who gave me some good advice, for example to use all sorts of colors in the hair.  one of my friends wanted me to turn the antlers into troll thought bubbles, and i don’t really understand how that would work, so i’m not going to.

troll colors

my trouble is that i only have a few colors – a dark pink, scarlet, light yellow green (and only a little of that), a light blue, a nasty thalo green, and black.  plus the white paint i used as first coat.

so this morning i mixed up all the colors to make a test swatch of my options.


this is not a great range of colors, as you can see.  red and blue don’t make purple here.  and red and green don’t make brown but a sickly gray.  for skin tone it’s going to have to be scarlet and light green with white, or pink and light green and white.  and i don’t have much light green, so i can’t use it as a mix in any of the other colors.  i can make a decent regular blue by tinting the light blue with black, and might can make a muddy brown with scarlet and black, but everything else mixed together makes various shades of gray.  waaaaah.  i could mix my own using the dry pigments i brought with me, but i only brought a small amount of any given pigment, so that’s not going to work.

anyway, the next stage is to block out the areas of color on the wall, and mix up a good amount of paint, then brush or sponge it on (if i can find a sponge).  the skin first, i think.  that’s the only part i should bother trying to get right, because the rest is fantasy anyway.  and by ‘right’ i don’t mean to match a living person’s skin tone, but rather to make it harmonious with and not sticky-out from the rest of the painting.  i may try to do it in layers, with the lightest color on the bottom, and come in and coat over it with the darker colors.  being acrylic, it will dry the moment the brush hits the wall, so i’m going to have to work fast, and sure, and it’s going to look totally awful for awhile.


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