wall mural 3

in the studio, i took my drawing and made a grid over it.  it’s the map of iceland, turned sideways so you can see the face it makes.


then this morning because it wasn’t raining, i put the grid up on the wall using a stick of graphite and a ruler (see timelapse).  then i took the graphite and put in the drawing to scale.  i took a timelapse, which you can’t really see because the camera is too far away, even tho i halved the distance from the other timelapses.  oh well.

and that’s all there is to it.

it rained once i put the grid up, and so there are cute little runs where the graphite got wet.  it’s a new product, water soluble graphite, so you can use it like sumi ink or like a pencil.  i love it.



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