wall mural 2

this is the building before i did anything to it.

the part i did that isn’t photographed is where i scraped it all down, and then siggi came over with the pressure washer and tried his best to peel the peeling paint, but it didn’t work so well, so i went back to scraping.  and then i slapped undercoat over all the bare wood i’d scraped paint off.  some of the wood, the part near the bottom of the house, is rotten.  alice says it’s because the snow really piles up in the winter and rots out a lot of the wood near the street level.  i had to use two coats of undercoat on these spots.  just in case.  and i can’t tell you what kind of undercoat it was, because i couldn’t read the labels, seeing as they’re in icelandic.

anyway, here are three timelapses showing the progress.  the first one is the scraping, the second one is more scraping and the pressure washing, the third is the undercoat, and the fourth is two coats of exterior white, which i put on today.

now that i’ve got 2 coats of white latex on the wall that was scraped and undercoated, i feel like i can start the mural.  the idea is to make as permanent a surface as possible so that the mural takes a while to peel off.  nothing lasts forever, especially not public art, and murals have a way of being tagged, so it’s really all about the doing, not the having.

below is the image, with a grid superimposed over it.  i made the grid reflect the measurements of the wall.  the only ruler i could find was in centimeters, so that’s how i divided up the paper.  four divisions wasn’t enough, so i made eight.  and since my surface is longer than it is wide, the measurements break down to different units – lengthwise it’s 32 cm per section, widthwise it’s 30.25.  and this took a calculator to do because my brain isn’t handy with math anymore.

troll grid1

so tomorrow i will get out there with my ruler and some graphite, and will put in the grid.  after that it’s a matter of sketching in the contour line of the drawing, meaning the outline, and then i can fill in the middle whatever way occurs to me.  i won’t necessarily follow the sketch.

as of right now i’m not sure how it’s going to turn out.  the outline will be in black, but i have several colors available to use – black, white, light green, dark green, red, scarlet, blue.  we’ll see what occurs to me.  at the very least i can mix up skin tones.  maybe i’ll make the troll of iceland with white hair.  or salt and pepper hair.  i can’t make him a blond, as i don’t have any yellow paint…

stay tuned for part 3.


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