preparing to be color coordinated

i’m getting ready to go on an art residency in iceland, just to get arctic for my current novel, which is set in antarctica without ice. and i’ve got to wear winter clothes, because their summer is as cold as our typical winter (altho today they’re warmer than we are, and it’s raining there and snowing here, but this is a freak). so i’m trying out all my winter clothes to see which ones i will be wearing on residency.

i’ve got this great skirt that covers my knees which i wear winter and summer, and underneath that i do leggings when it gets cold, layers of them. so i’ve been collecting layers.

i got a pair of cotton leggings at target, i got another pair from dharma, and a silk pair of leggings from the same place. and died the cotton red and the silk dark blue.

i got myself a down jacket, but only had black to choose from because of the sale that was on.

and i was given a fleece vest for xmas, but it was white, and that’s a disastrous color on me (it gets filthy), so i’m getting the dyes to change the color, even tho the manufacturer is horrified, because you really shouldn’t try to change the color of polartec. you sure as hell aren’t supposed to use dye transfer crayons on it, because that hot iron will melt the vest. so i’m going to be dyeing my vest. and i’ve got this great wool lumberjack shirt that’s all the wrong colors of green and blue to harmonize with the skirt.

so i’m upstairs simmering my wool shirt in red dye at the moment. as a sort of prep to dyeing my fleece vest.

there’s still that ripstop nylon parachute material. i found a scant 3 yards of white, and another 2 yards of white, and tested it beautifully with steamed silk dyes, so i’m still thinking about hte scene to put on this much fabric, because i detest white. it’s an open invitation to color.

i’m not taking process pictures. not of a bunch of dye pots and soaking material. i may assemble the ensemble when i’m done and post a picture.

since jim and i will be working up a sketch of dancing trolls to maybe embroider on my silk vest after dyeing it, i will take pictures of that process. if i actually do that.

i’ve got so much to do before my residency starts in july. i have to make paper, i have to assemble my travel journal, i have to order supplies to teach a silk dyeing workshop, a million and one things. i’m detailing all the practical stuff over on my other blog.


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