revived project – kimono of used sari silk

the thread is buried in the used sari category, if you want to see photos of different saris in my collection, soon to be dipped into to make a patchwork of old saris on top of a raw silk kimono.

i’ve made several kimono now, and am still learning. i got the book and study it every time i go to make something, and i still don’t do it the right way. it must be me.

i got to a stage with this project where i had cut out the raw silk pieces of the quilt. i found a ziplock with these pieces in it, along with several quilts that we had kind of sort of decided on when i put the project aside.  funny, in the last post on this project, we had singled out two or three other saris to use, but they had been put back into the collection, and i’m not sure why.  (possibly i’m not ready to cut into them)

these are old saris.  most of them are not supposed to be worn anymore, but used for silk threads and rags.  uppurposing, or something.  but i want to use them as fabric in a kimono.  and i’ve made a kimono with only lightweight silk, and no lining, and it’s not only difficult but it’s hard to not completely screw up on it.  so i’m not exactly going to make a kimono out of the silk, i’m going to quilt it onto the basic kimono pieces of raw silk, and then assemble the pieces.


the silk is ripe.  a couple of times thru the wash and there’s be nothing but threads and rags in the machine.  and the kimono is designed to be washable, or at least handwashable, and is therefore designed to fall to pieces.

rags hanging off you is in style these days.  my daughter is wearing pre-patched jeans now.  a couple of years ago it was destroyed jeans, nothing but holes.  now they do a half-assed job of patching so they’ll deteriorate in teh wash cycle.  it’s all good.

anyway, i am going to have to quilt each piece onto the raw silk piece, and then once i’ve assembled the kimono i will quilt all over.  it could get tedious, with a million tiny stitches crowding up on each other.  but if i made the stitches too loose and widely spaced, then great chunks of silk will wash away.  it’s going to be a hit or miss thing, and i expect i will miss it in the end, altho it’ll look good for awhile.  that kimono i made out of breezy silk, i don’t think the recipient ever wore it.  i never heard from her again about it.  it must be me.

right now my sister is basking at the beach and doesn’t have time to think about this project, which was started at least a year ago.  but when she comes back down to earth perhaps she can have a look at the other posts and help me settle on what i’m doing.

there is the back

two sides of the front. the kimono goes to the knees

there’s the collar

there are two sleeves

there are two gores from the bottom of the sleeves to the hem at the knees

so that’s 5 pieces.  i had originally wanted to get fancy, but i don’t this time. the saris that were included with the cut pieces in teh bag were these::


kimono12  the problem with this one is it’s stiff, unlike the others.

and i forget another one, and that brown one below.


these were mentioned in prior posts, and of them the one on the left and the yellow one in the middle were in the bag. i think the purple one…


the one on the right below is the one on the left above, and the one on the left below is the second one from the left below.  confused yet?


anyway, look thru the pictures in the used sari link.


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