living walls…i don’t know

so maybe everybody was taken care of on friday, or maybe it rained all day. i don’t remember, because nobody  needed me and i went back to bed and slept until afternoon. it was great.


but on saturday everybody was at the goat farm preparing for the main event. and since you can’t do that on an empty stomach, whole foods catered lunch, and everyone had some. it was great.


this is the man who painted the wall in summerhill at the last minute, and here he is putting in another one. in the rain. i finally asked his name, and now i forget. bandicoot. no, meerkat. no. something with a double vowel. i’ll get it in a moment. and he’s not even from here, he’s from baltimore, and yet he pitches in and does walls because they’re needed. good man. wallaby no. aardvark. no. i’ll get it. NANOOK, that’s it.


axel void ended up doing his second mural on a panel. there were just so many technical problems with doing it on a wall. and he did all 72 images, or more, of a cat scan, leaving the panel blank as the closing shot. so you have to watch the movie. i’ll link to it when he posts it, promise.


but at least you can see the final shot. he’s going to run it at the goat farm main event (last night).


because of the rain, they put the stage indoors, and this whole warehouse space is the party room. it’s gallery space, which you can’t see any of for all the sound equipment. it’s about the size of a football field, that room.

and i missed the party, which ran from 8 until 2. i can’t stay up that late, so i left it to the kids and the patrons.

everyone’s going to sleep it off today (while it pours down rain), and tomorrow i’ll go in and help clean it up and move all the supplies back to where they go with my faithful trucklet.


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