iceland art project update

it’s less than a year before i go to iceland, and i’ve been planning the art project i want to do there for months. i’ve got working partners in olafsfjordur, we’ve got a schedule, and a budget, we’re finding other artists who are interested, and we’ve got public support where our project is known. we just don’t have any permission yet.

the summer is not the right time to organize these things. nobody is available, their attention is turned elsewhere, whatever organizing body isn’t in session. so all the plans and arrangements and agreements we have among ourselves are worthless until someone official says go.

what we need is permission to use the site, and permission to use the stones. a no from either governing body would kill the project right there.

and if we get the okay from both bodies, then a number of things have to happen before the ground freezes in the winter.

the teachers who will be such an important part of this project need to be organized in the beginning of the school year, which is now. the kids just went back to school this week.

also, the site has to be surveyed and improved if needed, and the various stones have to be identified so that we know what we’re dealing with when we go to make a plan.

and we need an advisory board made of local experts – we need businesspeople, a lawyer, local artists, a media person, engineers, stonemasons, and someone to interface with the huldufolk, elves, and trolls.

we have kind of organized the working partners; anyway there are three of us who talk frequently and are putting feedback into the presentation we are working on.

sometime real soon now, maybe this week, the presentation will be shown to a bunch of people, and the process of getting permission and getting organizes will begin. or not.

if not, then i go to iceland and do nothing but write my story, which is my original intent. if we get permission, then i will spend as much time in the next 11 months in planning and organizing as i will spend writing my story, and for the first part of my residency, i will do nothing but bring the art project to fruition. and then i’ll write my story. if i’m not too burned out…

anyway, that’s where it is now. still furiously working on the project, but nothing official has happened, and the kill switch may be pulled at any time with no real damage done.


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