living walls…day 10

okay, right off the bat let me tell you that i went a-wall for two days, white water rafting in tennessee. and after that complete break with everything, came back to find everybody mostly done, and therefore not locatable when i went around with lunch for everyone. i ended up delivering most of the lunches back to the goat farm. plus, it rained bigtime right before lunch, so they’d scattered. no, wait. maybe that was on the monday?


so this is the wall that jaz made, and it’s a chart. he explained it to me. the trees are the way the greater atlanta area looked back in the time of the cherokee, when white people hadn’t made it this far inland yet. the yellow dots are representative of i think the land area that atlanta occupied at the time. you can’t see it, but each yellow and red bit stands for 10 years (or maybe 20), and goes up to 2020, or —-. the red diamond shape (which resembles the perimeter to me) stands for the population, and just keeps growing all around the building.


here is jaz taking a picture of the key, which says cherokee, km2, and modernism, which is way cryptic and will get people wondering.


agostino must have spent the two days i was gone painting this, because it’s finished, and very striking. he used a lift the whole time, and it’s parked out front with inti’s lift, waiting to be hauled away now that their walls are finished.


inti’s wall, finished. such a strange, peaceful image for a city where it hardly ever snows.


right next to inti’s wall, and completely unexpected, is another wall by pastel, who painted the red cows on flat shoals and moreland. you can’t see this from memorial, unfortunately, but reynoldstown residents who come that way get to gaze on this beautiful piece of work that was finished in 2 days. wow.


sam parker is doing three walls of this building. it’s a wonderful wall, unlike any of the others.


this kind of detail he painted freehand, using his pinkie to anchor his brush. such a peaceful time he must have had, filling that in. so three dimensional.


i bring lunch to the artists most days, so they love me. today i brought jim with me, and he talked to the artists while i went around snapping pictures. jim’s an artist himself, and has done many murals in his career, most of them inside tony suburban mcmansions.


joshua ray was starving when i took him lunch, up there on the ladder. he was actually talking to a dutch tourist who was looking for the martin luther king center, which is just a jog away. he’s almost finished with his wall. those white things are thought bubbles, i believe.


roti finally got his lift, and is going to town. he’s working on a hand, which is plucking at the head of radcliffe bailey’s piece from his high museum show. it’s such a lively piece. while i was there, a woman who raises horses stopped to look at the wall, not because of roti, but because her friend had emailed her a picture of the horses on the wall that were there before, and she finally stopped by to see them. she was very happy to find that roti wasn’t going to paint over them (as had been intended originally) but was using them as elements in his painting. roti didn’t stop to eat, so we talked to chris, his videographer.


here’s marcy starz’ painting, still needing a scaffold or lift to complete.


and here’s (insert name here) i t hink finished. the jar is a very interesting addition that wasn’t there on monday.


and wow (i forget) is doing another wall because the guy with the gazelles was supposed to continue onto this wall, but something came up, so (i forget) is doing a spontaneous wall. there’s jim talking to him and his assistant.


and here’s jim talking to a tourist from philly who had raggedy ann hair. he thought she looked just like the wall, so he got her to go stand in front of it and took a picture. you can’t see the unfinished part, but the wall is almost done.


trek matthews still has some of his wall to do, and i think it’s probably entirely abstract but amn’t sure.


and this is gyun hur’s wall a couple of days after they started. they’re around all four sides now, and going well. a whole team.


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