living walls day 7


this day, and i believe it was monday (i don’t know anymore), joshua ray had done a bunch more work, but wasn’t done by any means.


inti was still working on his wall, but i really dig the texture on top of the figure. it reads so differently up close.


and this is around the corner, facing memorial. agostino was just arrived from italy, and he’d had visa problems, and flight problems, and maybe even his luggage was lost (it happened to someone. i’m getting scared of putting anything i really need in checked luggage, but that means carrying all my art supplies on with me, a tall order). anyway, agostino got into town and went straight to his wall, and this was his first day’s work. this is like a 60 foot wall, okay? he must have been working off jetlag.


marcy starz (i can’t list everybody because i still don’t know who’s what and amn’t remembering names unless they stick, so, sorry guy with extension stick) was just drawing in what looked to me to be a dragon, but it’s evidently a deer. looks like he’s part human as well.


this wall’s finished. the artist (insert name) put a sealant on the gold paint to protect it, and that’s the whole image. i can see a face in it, can’t you?  no eyes, maybe, but nose and mouth f’real.


this is gyun hur’s wall. she is more known for her installations, and this is her first wall, so she’s having fun with it. there are four sides, and she’s got a team working with her. they’re very fast, and only started this week.


and axel void finished his wall today. he had another wall planned, but the technical problems are still dogging him, and he may not be able to follow thru on it. but this is a great image. it’s the entire wall of a freestanding building on funky peters street, at one of the railroad crossing ends. for me, peters street is much like cheshire bridge – the fairies own it, and move the ends of it all the time, so i’m not sure how to get to either of these streets sometimes. they stick in and out of that other dimension where the fair kind positive adjective folk live.


and here is axel void and his assistants. sitting in the shade on this one of only several hot summer days this year. this year in atlanta it has barely gotten above 90 only a day or two this summer. we usually spend several months over 90. this was one of them this year, and the girls are all just as pink as they can be. but their job is vital. they’re guarding the camera that you can see right under the right rear tire of that blue car. it’s taking a photo every 5 seconds, and there will be a timelapse of the mural when they edit it. i’m going to see if i can’t set my camera up for timelapse.


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