living walls day 5

it’s saturday, traffic was better, but there was a braves’ game yesterday that wreaked havoc with local traffic, and there’s another one tonight. i’m staying in.

today…hahaha i forget already. let me put the pictures up and then i’ll remember maybe. ah, now i have it. i helped clean up after breakfast, then took previous food out of the media room when i delivered the rest of breakfast to them. i ran some errands, maybe, oh yeah, like returning books to the library. and then i came back for a minute, until close to one when it was time to go get lunch. i was to meet sarah on the georgia hill walls, because she got lunch from Tin Drum Asiacafé, and i took lunch to my boys and the kids up on memorial. finally i went to take alex void his lunch, and them came back and took a nap. it’s the hottest day yet, and tho we had thunder, it didn’t rain. everybody’s sunburned, and i left my sunscreen at roti’s wall.


okay, i’m ashamed to say i don’t know anybody’s wall from whoosie, because i don’t have my list in front of me, and because i don’t do names. i know which one stood in an ant hill, and i know which one is allergic to cheese, stuff like that.

these first three photos are from one building, the one closest to turner field in summerhill (tho i think of summerhill as the next hill up, but maybe not)


this is the back side of the building. hey, see that umbrella they’re using? it flew off just a few minutes later. see those storms in the distance?


around the side of the same building (and i got the wall on the front side a couple of days ago, and haven’t seen any further progress), they’re working on a scissor lift and a very narrow sidewalk that makes me crazy with anxiety.


however, they’ve got a dad on the wall (like i’m the mom running around bringing everybody lunch), and he’s watching out for things. and also bringing lunch by – thanks dad!


moving up georgia avenue on the same side of the street is this wonderful painting of i’m not sure what small deerlike animal. the artist is very quick, and stands there with his music playing in his ear, grooving to his work. i hope he stopped for lunch.


here’s his working reference. i’m afraid it’s not a good shot of the picture, but it’s a photograph of wildlife.


across the street, the figure that goes around the corner. it’s coming along very nicely, and they’re doing the face now. all the plant stuff went up this morning, and there are several other artists helping out.


and they’re just starting on this wall. early in the morning they were buffing the blue paint on, with someone on roller and someone else jabbing the mortar with a brush. now they’re laying out the points using a tape measure.


this is the wall they painted blue a couple of days ago. it’s across the parking lot from the new blue wall just being laid out.   so far the white looks like leaves, or duck feet, or birds.  we’ll find out, probably tomorrow. there’s some more complicated stuff behind the scaffolding. nice scaffolding job, by the way. maybe it will win the prize for best scaffolding.


this is roti’s wall at edgewood and boulevard. now we’re in my district, and these are my boys, so i know their names. yay me. this morning he put up the blue whale that’s reminiscent of the wyland whale at underground atlanta, which has been there for 20 years.


unfortunately joshua ray stephens got his car broken into, and his sketchbook was stolen, a real tragedy. i hope someone realizes how important it is and returns it.


up on flat shoals and memorial, jaz (i figured out who is jaz and who is pastel only today) has almost finished the side of hte building he was working on, and is now on the other side. there is still some blue tape on the wall, so he may come back for another pass.


this is the wall he’s working on now, an apparent continuation of the other side.

passing by you will see a cop car. everybody is very pleased with the courtesy and helpfulness of our atlanta police. especially the guys from europe and south america, who have experience with police coming up to see why they’re painting on a wall. they are very impressed with out police force, so yay.


this is pastel’s wall. he’s finished it. i’ll have to get a closeup tomorrow, because in the shadows, in the woods, is a pride of lions, or tigers (but not bears). it’s a lovely wall, and i stopped to ask the locals what they thought. they were very impressed with what pastel could do with a brush on an extension wand.


then, further down on memorial, and unfortunately on the back of a condo building so you can’t see it from memorial, there’s inti’s wall. it’s not yet done, he’s doing fine textures over everything. but i really love it.

next to him, on a side of the wall you can actually see from memorial, agostino has just started his wall. he was up on a lift when i came by with lunch (i hope his assistants didn’t scarf it down ;). he’s had a hell of a trip, with all sorts of travel issues, and he’s only now getting here from italy. but bless him, he went right to it.


then, across town in castleberry hill – on peters street – there is axel void’s wall. the figure he’s doing is a little kid with one good eye, and the assistant is hard at work watching the camera take a picture every 5 seconds, for the video. the other wall he’s doing, around the corner of the wall you can see, is delayed with lighting issues. he has to work at night, because he’s projecting his images, then painting them, then buffing them, and projecting another image and repeat, so he’s working at night, and currently it is very badly lit, so they have to figure out how to do the lighting. he might start it tonight and it might be tomorrow, but he said he’d call me so i could go down there and see. another issue was that he needed a lift, but there are power lines everywhere, and so he couldn’t have one, and is having to make do with scaffolding and an extension. but hey, he’s game, and determined.


he drew quite a crowd, they all do. here are some kids watching him paint, while their mom was off getting them some lunch so they could hang out and watch him paint for awhile. and the gentleman was passing by. turns out he’s a percussionist, and the boy plays saxiphone, and so does axel void, so they were all having a grand time. i love atlanta.

so that was my rounds for today. they mainly started on their walls on tuesday, and it’s saturday now. they’ll work sunday of course, artists don’t practice weekends. and now i’m going to eat an early dinner and crash out because i’m old, and these kids run circles around me. plus that, it’s finally gotten hot here, and hot in atlanta is insufferable. just thank god we had such a cool wet summer until now.



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