living walls day 4

r 5, depending on who’s counting.

it didn’t rain today. yet. i didn’t do my homework – always read the schedule the night before, and always locate any venues you’re unfamiliar with. on the map – so i sat at the goat farm for half an hour and then did errands until it was time to pick up lunch.  this time lunch was at fabulous jason’s deli on 10th street in midtown.  it wasn’t hard to find parking, the staff was so very cool that we tipped them (which surprised them – management, they need a tip jar at the to-go counter!) and brittni and i sat there and divvied up the order to distribute to our various walls.

brittni took the georgia avenue crowd – 3ttman, elian, gyun hur, haffner + bell, know hope, marcy starz, trek matthews, and never 2501. please don’t ask me to figure out who’s who.


this is the one that goes around the corner.


and this is the one that was just sketches yesterday. i thought i was like cave painting, but he’s using a wildlife photo for his inspiration.

then i fed my own boys – roti, joshua ray stephens, and sam parker -on edgewood and irwin.


this is such a busy wall, there are always folks hanging out.


roti. such an interesting use of the negative space of the previous murals.


joshua ray’s coming along nicely.


sam parker. he’s doing lovely details inside the circles. i’ll get a closeup tomorrow.

and i also fed the group up on memorial – agostino iacurci, inti, jaz, and pastel.


okay, so this is inti’s wall. i am so bad with names


and these are the murals up on flat shoals and memorial (roughly opposite tower). i’m not sure which artist is which by name, but they are jaz and pastel.


then i went back to the goat farm and picked up a ladder for axel void, who now has a new wall.

his new wall is at 345 peters street, in castleberry hill. he’s got two walls. the one facing the street is going to be a little kid with an eye patch, and the other wall is going to be a video of a cat scan. so he’s going to be working from 10 in the morning to 1 am for a couple of days, until he finishes the video, and then it’ll be the rest of the time on the main wall. he’s going to get scaffolding rather than a lift, because the building’s within 10 feet of overhead power lines, and he’ll have a helper or two to actually help him paint instead of sitting around watching, like so many of the other artist’s assistants. i’ll go out there tonight and check out how he’s doing.

and then i came home. these are kids, and will go to a pool party tonight. some of them will party hard, and then get up in the morning. as for me, if i last longer than the sun in the sky i feel like i’m being daring.


the side wall will have the video on it.



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