living walls 2013 – day 3

actually i’m told it’s day 4. who’da thunk’it?


one of the georgia avenue walls. this is all four sides being painted, i believe.  you ‘ll be able to see this one from the nosebleed seats of turner field.


this is the side you’ll see from the stadium.


the other side. i’m putting up photos of them because i pass these buildings at least twice a day on my rounds, so i’m getting pictures. today i just happened to deliver lunch to most of the walls, so i’ve got pictures of most of the walls…and thanks to willy’s of caroline street for the lunch. the artists and their helpers loved it, especially the tofu burritos.


another wall on georgia avenue, just being buffed. what comes next?


a little further up georgia avenue, this takes up two sides of the building. looking good.


the around the corner part.


and the whole thing.


across georgia avenue. it almost looks like a cave painting at this stage.

now i’ll go deliver lunch to my walls, with my artists. i feel such ownership hahaha. most of them don’t need any help, and the ones that do are beyond my capacity to aid.


joshua ray stephens’ wall


sam parker’s wall. this one also goes around the side. i’ll take a photo tomorrow.


roti’s wall. unfortunately i didn’t get a closeup, but he’s filling it all in. tomorrow, i think, he gets scaffolding.

then i also went around to two walls right together, and sat with them for awhile because they didn’t have any assistants. i got to wash out a couple of brushes and get some fresh rinse water, wee hah.


this wall is one of two at the corner of memorial and flat shoals


this is across the street at memorial and flat shoals.

then i delivered the rest of the food back to the staff at the goat farm.


the goat farm used to be isolated. but now there’s big huge condo complexes going up, and traffic immediately outside the entrance to the place is always entertaining, and sometimes we sit there. but hey, would i rather sit in traffic on howell mill? or on the connector? or on edgewood? what does it matter? at least this is entertaining.


back at the goat farm, axel void’s wall has some issues. he wants to use a projector, and you can’t really use it in the daytime. but the owner of the roof he has to work from to get the wall would rather he work during business hours, so either he has to modify his image (which i’d rather not see him do), or he has to get another wall. monica is busily trying to locate him one, and has been sweating over the issue all day. you would not believe the number of tiny, but absolutely crucial problems come up every single day on a project of this size.  and they’re all handling the stress so well, so cheerily. such troopers. i love working with these people.


the media guys, working on their movie clip, a montage of all the cool people and walls. and i recognize most of them now, even tho i couldn’t tell you their name if that was my job.

so, it only rained once, which was good, because it threatened with lots of thunder. and tomorrow we should be in full swing. some walls start on friday, and on saturday as well.

i’ll try to keep track.


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