living walls 2013 – day 2

so the guy who donates the use of their lifts and scaffolding was concerned that the artists use the equipment properly, and gave us all a lesson first thing in the morning.

which is good, because it was raining, and nobody could paint.


they use aluminum scaffolding, which is totally light and strong, and easy to work with. billy page, who is a bit of an artist himself, walked us thru it, and now we all know, at least theoretically, how to use the scaffolding.  it’s a really elegant system.


then everybody who was going to be up on lifts had to learn how to operate them, what a safety harness is, and why we need to wear them when we’re up there.  all these shining artists are waiting their turn to work the controls.  please note the evereman bag in the foreground.  this lucky artist needs to be constantly aware of that bag, because i want it.


afterwards i cruised all my walls to see how they were going. this is sam parker’s wall, and he’s moving fast on his design.


this is roti’s wall, and he was busy marking out his lines with a roller.


his plan is to use the art that is already up on the wall and do his own thing over it. so far he’s using spraypaint to make the delicate tracery. it’s really cool to watch him – i didn’t know you could use variable pressure to make lighter or darker lines. he’s a master of it. and he had quite the crowd of friends willing to stand around in the sun and watch him do it.


joshua ray stephens was well on his way.  this is the scaffolding he was working with. not a bad job, altho i’d like to see braces on the top part.  i saw his sketch for the wall, it’s going to be very interesting.


this is axel void’s wall, actually the wall is above, out of camera range.  here we have volunteers and several staff members hanging out with him for a moment. axel is having various issues with his wall, and may have to rethink his planned work. but i’ll keep you posted on that.


unfortunately i can’t tell you whose wall this is at the moment, but it’s coming along well, and will be very dramatic when it’s done.


so, it waited to rain again until the late afternoon, so everybody but axel got a chance to get some work done.


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