living walls 2013 – day 1

okay, the artists are all here, and they’ve seen their walls. some of them are already buffing in the backgrounds.

i went down to the goat farm this morning, bright and early. i got there before everyone, and so it was leisurely. then everyone showed up, there was plenty of donated pastries and coffee, and after awhile they all walked out to get materials out of the tool bank, and went off to their walls.


i got to take axel void and roti to their walls – i’m their chief droid – and i met joshua ray stephens and sam parker, the local artists i am also being droid for (who have their own transportation). we picked up 10 gallons of white paint, an extension ladder, and some brushes, rollers, and extensions, and drove over to edgewood.

the walls at this point (one of them isn’t assigned yet) are:


roti’s wall, at the corner of 483 edgewood and boulevard. currently it has a wonderful double horse image, and a high museum exhibit banner for radcliffe bailey’s work. roti loves the idea that there’s already work underneath, and instead of buffing the art out, he’s going to make use of it in his work. so basically he sat across the street for awhile and looked at his wall, letting inspiration strike.


axel void’s wall on 513 edgewood belongs to a law firm that works with veterans and the disabled. it’s a second storey wall. he went up there to get a photo of his wall, and is now drawing and sketching what he wants. he will also be consulting with the law firm about his image.


it’s very difficult for artists who don’t live here to figure out what to put up on a wall. both of these artists like to get to know the people in the neighborhood, hear the stories, and reflect on the peoples’ lives with their art. but they’re here for two weeks, and have to hit the ground running. so it’s very hard to strike exactly the right note in that short a time. so we talked a lot about the area, the other art, what the people are like, the changing neighborhood, the history. and since we’re blending the martin luther king historical district with the burgeoning young art scene and bordering on cabbagetown, we’re blending a whole lot of atlanta history which has not always been peaceful. which should make for some good art.


after dropping axel void back at the goat farm (across town), i came back by way of georgia avenue, where they’re putting up several walls. i’m not sure whose walls these are, but they’re coming along nicely. i’ll go back for progress pictures tomorrow, if i can.




on my way home, i dropped by joshua ray stephens’ wall, and sam parker’s wall. joshua ray is technically at 501 edgewood, but actually it’s on daniel street, and until this afternoon was a temporary art piece called before i die, which is evidently a nationwide art piece where people fill in the blanks with chalk. i got to put my wish in – to change the world – before they started buffing it, so my wish is now permanent on that wall, albeit underneath a coat of paint.


then i stopped by sam parker’s wall at the corner of irwin and randolph streets. it’s purple.


so tomorrow i’ll visit them all again, and report on the progress. i’ve seen everyone’s wall (everyone on my droid team) except for christopher derek bruno’s, and we’ll find out where he’ll be painting on saturday.

onward living walls.

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