living walls orientation meeting

i went to the orientation for the living walls conference 2013. it’s the 4th year they’ve done the conference, gathering international grafitti / urban / wall artists together and doing a bunch of walls. it’s a huge public art project, and takes an enormous amount of organization and effort. it has a budget, too, even tho they do things extremely economically – because, after all, they’re artists, and artists know how to do things on the cheap. or free. yeah.

there were a bunch of people there, and most hadn’t volunteered before. i got to volunteer last year, and was given the holy task of picking up a donated lunch from a super community minded restaurant, and delivering it to the artists and their assistants at the various sites around atlanta. last year i took my 5 year old grandson, and we had a ball. he doesn’t remember it now, so i’m hoping to give him some more experience next weekend, when he’s coming to hang out for a couple of days before school starts.

now that i have my paperwork in front of me, i can fill in a few details. i’m the point person for district 2 volunteers, which means i bring them anything they need while they’re on the job, including the all important lunch run.

i will be supporting five artists – axel void, christopher derek bruno, joshua ray stephens, roti, and sam parker. they have roughly two assistants each, except for stephens who has three, and parker who has one. i have already heard that one of the assistants for bruno won’t be available, but evidently he hardly needs any help.


and we’re off, starting early tomorrow morning. i’m going to go to this year’s headquarters at the goat farm, meet my people, figure out where they all are (3 of the walls are not yet finalized), and then start figuring out what roads are having construction issues, and how to get where i need to go in atlanta traffic, never pretty.


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