a good dose of public art experience, coming up

wee hah, i am volunteering with the living walls project for the second year. last year i delivered lunch to a bunch of artists, helped to clean out a building we used as information central during the block party, and brought along my 4 year old grandson avery as aide to sten and lex (he got to go up on the lift).

this year, because i’m going to be doing a public art project in iceland, i need more executive experience, so i’ve asked them for some responsibility so that i’ll know what i’m doing next year, when i’m on my own (never completely, lots of others).

so, they’ve just sent out the email assignments to all the volunteers, and i get to be point person for district 2, which means i get to help with the scaffolding, and the various materials. and i’ll go between the volunteers and the staff. by the end of the 2 weeks i’ll know what it takes to do a large public art project. which will really help in iceland.

i’ll be with the following artists and their 13 supporting volunteers –

Joshua Ray Stephens
Christopher Derek Bruno
Sam Parker

there will be more.  i’ll keep track and try to post daily. living walls runs from august 5 thru the 20th, the conference itself runs from the 14-18, with movie night, a block party, lectures, and tours.

the final orientation and meet-and-greet will be this coming friday, august 2. we’ll be meeting fellow volunteers, discussing the artists, and get some last minute details about this years conference. i’ll get my artist packet, with wall locations, phone numbers and email addresses, food information (all important), and all sorts of other details. i’ll let you know.


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