i got my yarka brushes today!



aren’t they beautiful?  kolinsky sable watercolor brushes made by yarka, in russia.  these brushes haven’t been made for several years, after richeson bought up the stock and transferred production to india.

the old yarka brushes were full-bodied, nicely tipped, aged pretty well, and were dead cheap for kolinsky sable.

since i recently did a watercolor for the first time in several years, i had occasion to use my extensive collection of yarka brushes, and found myself wishing once again that there were still some out there.

so i did a search.  and found a possible stash of other yarka brushes (the squirrel mops, also well worth having) at rochester art supply, in new york.  so i queried eric in customer service, and lo, and behold, they had a stash of authentic yarka kolinsky sable brushes from russia.  and i would have bought them completely out except i go by the old forager‘s rule of never taking the last of anything.

that’s why i’m posting this.  i contacted my sister, who feels she has enough brushes (but she’s only starting in watercolor) and i contacted my friend the professional watercolor artist with letters after her name, and she feels she has enough brushes (but she’s already got one of everything), so i’m telling you, my loyal artblog audience, that there are still three or five of these brushes out there.

after i put in my order (one of each, please, and two each of the smaller ones), this was all they had left:

QTY 4 – Size 0 $4.65
QTY 4 – Size 1 $5.85
QTY 4 – Size 3 $8.75
QTY 3 – Size 4 $11.30
QTY 1 – Size 6 $28.80

so if you want one of the very last of the yarka kolinsky sable watercolor brushes, you’d be advised to act immediately.  this is a year of sudden opportunity, and you have to jump to get something you want.

write to customerservice@fineartstore.com and let them know how many you’d like.  it’s tuesday now, don’t delay or i’ll change my mind and get the rest of them.

once they’re gone, the new improved version is anything but, however they’re still cheap(ish).


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