watercolor portrait – wall

today’s work, aside from one swipe of red over the top kid’s hair, and putting quinacridone gold and burnt sienna on the stairs at the top of the painting, was to start on the wall.  and since i’m taking it one step at a time, always avoiding the fearful step until i have no alternatives, i only put in the lines of the wall, and will save the local color and the shading for another time.

tho i see where i still have to touch the bald spot on the second kid.


oh yeah and i completed drawing the creepy crawlies with paint.  i’m using moonglow black, a mixed black, very staining.  however, because it was so light, i was able to pull some of it up to correct some of the lines.

looking here, i can see i have to go back in and correct more of the lines.  funny how obvious it is when you see it on screen.  i was just talking with a reader about that.  they always take a picture of the various stages with their cellphone, so they can see what’s going on instantly.  it’s a good practice (like looking at it reversed in the mirror) for seeing things that need fixing.  when you’re looking directly at it, i think you’re too involved in what you’re trying for, but when you reduce it and put it up on a screen, maybe you lose some of that emotional investment, and see it more like a regular viewer sees it.

i call it my autistic side.  my autistic side can spot waldo in a heartbeat.  it can see lines that don’t point true, it can detect the mistake of mistakes in a sea of minor mistakes.  and my autistic side isn’t afraid to come out and blurt the truth, either.  which might be painful when i do it to other artists – “that chin sucks.  you never draw chins right” – most people can’t take that.  good thing i’m my own worst critic.  autist artist.

for the lines i used my number 2 yarka russian squirrel brush (i found a set of sizes 1-5 on ebay, the old russian-made yarka brushes, five of them for $35 weehah), which is almost a liner, so long and thin.  the great lines you can draw with these brushes.  i dearly love them.  so much so that, thru careful research, i have found an outlet that still carries a few of the old ones, tho not enough to put up on the website, and i am currently negotiating to buy almost all of them hahahahahahahahahahaha.  because no matter what he charges for them, they’re cheap, and they don’t have any more ever anywhere, so i’ll have enough to leave in my will when i die.  i’ll post where they are as soon as i’m thru buying my share.  then everybody should rush out and get the rest of them.

i had some issues drawing in the horizontal lines on the left side of the doorway.  i turned the page sideways on my lap, and took the side of a piece of paper for the straight edge, and drew one line where i actually had a measurement (the continuation of the top step), then shifted the page over and drew another line.  i shifted the paper just enough to bring the new line vertical, aiming somewhere behind my backbone, and shifted the pad around that point.  because remember i figured out hte second point of the two point perspective was about a yard to the left of the top step, and got really frazzled trying to do that with a yardstick.  i figured finally that making me the yardstick might work, and it did, well.  i shifted the paper by instinct, and managed to do it mostly right.  which is just to show that you should trust your instincts, especially when you’re being creative.

anyway, i have guests this evening, so i’m making this short.


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