project – watercolor portrait

i’m going to see my brother in january, and am taking this opportunity to paint him a picture of his kids.

so i looked thru the many photos they’ve sent me of their little kids, and i’ve chosen this one:

one climbing

because it reminds me of an escher print:


so i combined it this way:


and now i can already see some mistakes, like the top one’s left leg isn’t long enough.  and the perspective lines of the stairs.  and i’m sure i’ll refine the creepy crawlie things.  once i’m done making corrections in the pencil sketch, i’m going to paint in the kids, and leave the rest of it probably as pen and ink, like escher’s work.  just in case you miss the reference.  we’ll see when i get there.

i’m using an arches watercolor block – pretty sure without actually measuring that it’s 12×16″ altho it could be 14×20 (and probably is).  yeah, well i was wrong.  it’s 10×14″ paper.

stay tuned.


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