living walls conference 2012 block party

in my last post (see below), i documented my rounds with grandson avery, delivering pizzas and clearing out event spaces for the living walls 2012 conference block party on edgewood avenue, in atlanta. avery’s mom came to get him after i’d gotten him safely cleaned up, and jim and i went back to the block party, with margaret dyer.

we got there just as the sun was fading down, and found laurance discussing last minute things with a bunch of staff /volunteers, none of whom i can identify in this shot, oh well.  this is not grip-and-grin.

and here they are in an identifiable pose.  let’s see if i can figure them out…nope, not a one of them.  but they sure are having fun.

here is sten and lex’s wall after their day’s work on it, which you can see on my last post, below.  it’s hard to see what’s going on, so i moved in closer.

this seems to be the whole sheet of paper, probably printed by plotter over at kinko’s.  it was more than likely put up with wheatpaste, and it looks like someone has been cutting around the black lines in the upper right, probably with an exacto knife (more likely a box cutter given the very dulling freshly primed wall surface behind the paper).  i’m seeing torn out places on the left hand side of the photo, but they’re faint lines.  this part has not been painted over; it seems they’re in the middle of removing the parts that will be stencilled thru.  so this is basically a stencil painting.  margaret was asking how many kinds of media street artists use – isn’t it all just spray paint?  jim replied that the medium would naturally change with the circumstances and desired effect.  in fact, i’ve seen brushes, rollers, spray paint.  i have yet to see airbrush but why not, since it’s a variant on spray paint, which is a variant on mouth atomizers, which is a variant on a spat-out mouthful of paint.

this is a continuation to the left of the last photo, to show where they’ve been spraying black over the stencil template.  all the stuff on the ground is cut out bits of paper that have fluttered down to the ground.

a closer shot.  to the right you can see the unpainted part, where the white stencil paper is visible.  you’ll notice that on the right of this white area the stencil paper is very thin, and gets much thicker to the lower left.  on the left side of the wall, they’ve come thru with black spraypaint and gone over all the cut out places with black, leaving the white of the paper on the top part, and painted paper on the lower part (there’s no sense painting over to-be-removed paper if you can avoid it).  i think they’ve removed the paper where those four white chevrons are in the middle.  when they remove the stencil paper, this pattern should sort of reverse, with white lines on the bottom part, and the white lines on the top will be much sharper and thicker against the black.

this is a sheet of copy paper with their pattern on it.  it came out of the machine on a big roll, which they went up on the lift and pasted down from the top, just like you’d do with wallpaper.  this piece was trimmed away at some point, and fluttered to the ground to re-roll and wait for me to kick it open to get a picture.  thanks paper.

a real closeup, and you can see the white of the somewhat crinkly paper on the top right.  the stencil paper continues below where it’s all black.  it’s a little grayer than the rest of the wall.  that whitish paper will come off.  i think the paper over the chevrons has already been removed.

a last little bit before things start up for the night.  they’ve set up seats for people to watch the show, which is going to be projected from laurance’s truck, still parked out in the field at this point.  they’re waiting for dark and it’s still a good hour away.  one guy has his place all staked out already:  good man.

this is where avery and i helped clean during the afternoon.  it’s now the official map release party venue, at the corner of edgewood and boulevard.  and the woman who never stops long enough to let me get her picture is the fabulous sarah, and one of our neighbors whose name i still don’t know because, as neighbors, we just set into talking and don’t go thru the introduction thing.  she’s helping at living walls, too.

and then a guy we know walked in, and our two neighbors posed for a photo.  they were helping out at the front desk, giving out maps, explaining things, selling hand-printed living walls t-shirts.   it’s a small town.

and these folks; haven’t a clue really, except i think the one with glasses might be bill brown, a film professor at emory.  he told me that he heard about living walls several years ago when one of his students did a documentary about it.  truly a small town.

the gentleman on the left is dust, famous local artist.  i can’t tell you the name on the other guy.  they’re standing in front of a silk projection screen (okay probably polyester), on which a bunch of slides of graffiti projects are being projected.  taken by martha cooper and teen witch.  traffic outside could also see the projections, which was cool.

and this is the fabulous priscilla smith, discussing putting up a ‘senior wall’ on the new eyedrum space with jim yarbrough and margaret dyer.  there, that’s all the grip and grin we’re going to get.

then we went to the central space, between the gaia wall, the martina wall, and the sten and lex wall.  there were a bunch of videos of recent wall murals in the area, and a week’s worth of progress videos from the walls still going up.  you can see martina’s wall on the left.  the folks are all watching the screen to your right.

surprise surprise, as we were leaving we discovered sten and lex hard at work, in the dark, up on the crane in their harnesses.  still working furiously cutting out pieces of paper and letting them flutter to the ground.  it looks like they’ve painted on the left, there’s still maybe cut-out paper on the top left that hasn’t been sprayed yet, and the white in the middle, maybe that’s been cut out but not sprayed, too, and maybe the part on the right is still whole paper out of the printer, waiting to be cut out.  that’s how it seems to me.  i hope they don’t have to paint in a full face, and have actually pasted up all the paper they’re going to.  that’s a lot of work.

they had loads of spectators, and staff members guarding the cold drink stash with their feet.  even the elusive evereman showed up.  i’ll bet they all wished they could be up there helping the artists work.  like on little fairy wing jet packs, hovering beside the artists, tearing off bits of paper with their fingernails.  that’s what i wanted to do, anyway.  i think the others were mostly okay with just watching.  i was really salivating over the hovering part, tho.

what can i say?  i wonder what it looks like today, two days later.  maybe i’ll go by and get a photo on my way to tonight’s opening at the main space.


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