wrap-up silk veils and scarves

okay i’m done with my projects in silk painting for now.  they’re all steamed and washed and ironed and sitting in ziplock bags waiting to be addressed and sent off.  wee hah.  and they didn’t fade as much as they could have.  the paisley scarf fared worst as far as fading goes.

above is the entire scarf.  as you can see, the yellow faded right away, so everything is a bit bluer than i would have liked.  it’s not deadly, but it’s an example of what can happen when you mess with dyes.  they do strange things.

in the details, you can see where all the dots and little lines i put in with sugar syrup stayed white, but also, in spots, did strange things when the water and dye mixed.  this isn’t the best case to show you, however, because i went out of my way not to splash water around, and the sugar syrup technique loves flooding.

here’s the large veil.  as you can see, there’s no black, really.  it’s all dark colors, but it’s full of light.  about this particular veil, a quote from the woman who ordered it.

Every Christmas, all over the world, bellydancers participate in something called Secret Habibi (Habibi means ‘sweetheart’ in Arabic).  It’s basically a Secret Santa type of thing.  Each dancer fills out a generic list, such as favourite colour, hobby, scent, etc.  One of the items is called Top Secret Item of Desire.  These are never fulfilled, or are fulfilled rarely.  Example: one year, I wrote something like ‘a Mitsubishi 3000-GT’.  Anyway, under someone’s Top Secret Item of Desire, she wrote: I would LOVE to have a veil painted like the Milky Way. So, that’s the reason why.  Only rarely are those particular wishes fulfilled.  Back at Christmas, I bought her a book on the art of Brian Froud (who did Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal), and told her I was sending her something else.  I’m sure she’s forgotten all about it by now, so I am hoping that she really likes her surprise!

the detail pictures show how many of the stars – blobs of sodium alginate resist – didn’t show up.  i must have put a thousand dots in with resist, and because i went over the silk again and again, eventually most of the dots got wet, dissolved, and flowed out and around.  but some survived. and there are lots of white dots when you look up close.

here is the smaller of the two attempts.  i’m not sure which one i like best.

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