fixing mcfinney 3

first let me apologize for the shaky photos.  it was quite dim in the place and i’m not a patient photographer.

the putty had the weekend to set up, and i went back in on tuesday to begin painting.  since most of the repair was on the small pipes that were originally silver, i put down black first, as a base under the silver.  it shows up better that way.

if you’ll notice the white blob in the extreme foreground, on top of the orange and blue buildout, that white blob is a cap of putty over a broken-off turn handle.  that’s the first step in rebuilding it.  on tuesday i mixed up some more putty for the actual handle, but stuck in on the putty container to set because it would have flopped over had i tried to build it onto the cap while wet.

below is another view of the repaired part.  it’s at this  point that i’m starting to look around at the crappy quality of the paint on the pipes, which has yellowed and whitened due to the acrylic topcoat not being protected from the weather like it should have, were it coated with auto-grade polyurethane the way it should have been.  you can see the whitening on the shoe surface.  acrylic isn’t a good final topcoat for anything left out in the rain, because it deteriorates quickly in the sun and water.  it still bothers me, so i continue to bitch about it.  and it’s prompting me to repaint the entire sculpture, which was not in the original repair request.  but it bothers me.

below, i have decided to go around and repaint all the flanges a solid black.

below, this means getting right up against the wall to paint the stuff that goes around to the back.

which required a bit of smooshing against the wall.  the picture below shows the black flanges, and also the dark gray large pipes, which i have gone around painting while the black flanges dried.

below is a continuation of the dark gray, which i also used for the small pipes attached to the blue pumps.

i’ll be going back tomorrow to continue painting, and will get the silver on, attach the handles, and repaint the rest of the pipes in lighter grays.  then i’ll have to tackle the waves and the body and clothes of the dolphin.  which will take some time.  but i can never see something i’ve done without wanting to go in and make several improvements.

so i’m having tons of fun visiting mckenney’s a couple of times a week.  it’s very quiet in the deli, where mcfinney stands, it’s way after lunch when i go in.  people come in for snacks from the vending machines, but they usually don’t even see me.  it’d be okay if some of them wanted to stop and talk, but they’re working, and keeping their noses to the grindstone like good employees.


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