ta-dah – presenting the attic

my sister got me to go upstairs and finally take pictures of the attic.

so this is at the top of the stairs on the north side, looking toward the south wall and gable to the right.

and this is the northeast corner, where the furnace is.  you can see the camping equipment to the left, and in the foreground is the walkway alongside the stairs.

here’s looking in the same direction but from over near the south gable.  what you’re looking at is the open space between the stacks along the south wall and the stairs.  there’s a couch there, and opposite the couch is the passageway to the east gable.

this is the southeast corner, with the stacks of large paintings to the right, and a stack of small paintings on the left.  in the foreground is my work desk.  you can see my ledger which is where all the work will be done from now on – cataloging jim’s work.

this is the south gable.  it has smaller paintings lining the left side, smaller paintings lined up under the window, and then midsized paintings lining the west wall.

this is a tableau of sculptures jim set up to show people.  originally it had a mirrored back, and three sides of one-way glass that reflected the tableau endlessly.

sorry about the quality.  i’m standing in the southeast corner and showing the west gable over to the north wall.  the couch is in the open area in the middle.  behind the couch is the racks of works on paper that i have already cataloged.

this is the northwest corner, where all the household stuff is.  i’ve got collectibles stacked against the chimney behind the painting, then files, then kitchen stuff, then household stuff, then tools, and to the extreme right starts the camping equipment.  you can see the plaster statue of a bird shaman in the foreground.

here’s a closeup of the corner, looking over a table stacked with works on paper that i have yet to catalog.

and here’s the view from the head of the stairs.  on the left is the northwest corner where all the household stuff is.  you can see the table with all the works on paper stacked on top – both on the left and the right of the picture.  in between are the stairs, and all the camping equipment and xmas stuff lining the north wall.

so that’s the attic now.  everything has a place, and there’s plenty of room to stash stuff.  it will last forever, as far as i’m concerned.

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