finished rompers

here’s the results on the cotton rompers i dyed this week.  they’re ready to be sent up to my sister to make up part of the girls’ birthday presents.

this is the one for n.  you can see they’ve faded a bit, but not really that much, and they’ll only get softer with time.

this is the one for o.  the flowers worked out okay.  i tried to make the color of the o lighter than the seashell lip, but it didn’t work out that way.

and here’s the one for e.

all in all i think they came out pretty well.  nothing like anything that would have a label on it, but that’s the point.  completely individualistic.  anyway, they’ll grow right out of them.

i would have made more sodium alginate to dilute the dyes in, and i would have waited until i had the dyes mixed up and then added the thickener.  as it was i used all the thickener up and still had to thin the dyes to use them, by which time they were too thin, and spread out faster than i would have wanted.

again, as a test of sodium alginate as a water-based resist, it works wonderfully, and as a thickener it works just fine, and washes out well, and i don’t have a problem with it.  i made up the alginate weeks ahead of time and kept it in the fridge, and the remaining dyes are still in the fridge, waiting for me to redye the dragon shirts using this method, which is so superior to the ‘paint now and add fixer later’ method i tried with the dragon shirts.

so there you go.  my sister designed the designs, and i executed them, and i’m much happier executing designs because i’m uninspired by the designs i come up with on my own.   i hope everybody enjoys them.

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