painted rompers continued

okay, i would have done the whole thing in one day but got interrupted.  gee.

so the day before yesterday i did all three tops and one bottom.  and today i did the other two bottoms.

and now the bottoms are batching and the tops are in the dryer.

you can see how bright the colors are.  with the last piece i did, the dragon shirts, whatever went wrong, they faded all to pieces.  so even tho i’m looking for pink and carolina (faded) blue, i’m looking at primary blue and red and green when i first paint them in, because i’m expecting them to fade right out.

here’s the back, just the simple lettering. you can see where the bleeding from the resist is a little more green than the blue filling the letters.

here’s another one of the front.  we’ll see what happens when i wash them.

on the backs, my sister wanted three different motifs.  this one is flower, the one i did yesterday was thick and thin stripes, and the one below is ladders.

the work on them is extremely loose, you could say sloppy.  i anticipate that my sister isn’t going to like it, but my answer is that she needs to try painting on ribbed jersey knit.

and here’s the notes i took this summer when we were hatching the design.  they’re mainly undecipherable even by my standards (and i invented a code based on illegibility when i was in high school).

and this is what it all looks like when i’ve got it all out and working.  the full strength dyes are on the left, along with a spoon for mixing and a brush for dipping, then there’s a clear bottle of urea in water to thin with (urea keeps things moist), and then there are thinned dyes ready to be painted onto the fabric on the right.

at the moment i’ve got two pants batching on the work table, and the other 4 pieces in the dryer.  i’ll wash them several more times before i send them up to my sister and the nieces, along with xmas gifts for all the adults involved.

i’ll post a last few words when i get pictures of how well the clothing dyed / faded.


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