another try – dragon shirt

this is where we left off last time, with the final result being a washed-out failure of the dye to take.

and no clue how i got there.  really.

so for this try, i’m not going to bore you with details.  i stuffed the shirt full of plastic bag again, pinned it on securely, and let jim work on it.  this time, he added a tsp or more of sodium alginate to fresh batches of dye-and-water, making a very thick ‘paint’ or an extremely thin ‘resist’ depending on your intended use.  like my theory of baking as a spectrum of proportions (maybe a later post.)

then he used his methods of painting to go over what remained from the first (wasted(?)) 3 days of work.

i use a watercolor technique.  jim paints it on like egg tempera.  he basically accentuated my work with a layer of texture.

and when we washed it out, it was better, but still looked like we’d had it for awhile.

and no, sister mine, we’re not throwing it away.  but i am making a copy of it on another shirt.  so stay tuned.

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