my sister’s choices

these are the saris she likes right off the bat. trouble is, most of them are the wearable saris, and i’m going to wear them.  so she needs to pick some of the others, from the ‘soft’ and ‘thin’ and ‘stiff’ posts.

my idea is to make a kimono from the silk of several saris.  since kimono are traditionally made with lengths of uncut cloth about 14″ wide, i figure it would be the same thing with strips 3 or 5 inches wide.  only a little more colorful.  but not like this.

more like this, but i’m not doing all the work required to piece something like this.  it’s just an idea.

it’ll need a lining, and i’m not sure whether i should use old sari fabric or something a little stronger, like flannel or pima cotton.  because of the ripeness of some of the fabric, it’s going to have to be quilted on anyway.

here’s a suggestion for a couple of saris to use in a kimono. there’s the two front panels and two back panels, or if you like, two left and right continuous panels.  there’s two sleeves, and one collar.  any of these can have borders (cuffs and hem), so you can have as many as 11 different panels even before you start stripping 3-5″ pieces of sari together.  so how many saris to use?  and do we use the bodies, the top and bottom borders, or the pallus?

there are a lot of decisions to be made.  these are very soft and thin silks, like good scarf silk, but like old scarf silk, like mom’s better scarves from years ago.  they’re not heavy silk at all.  the stiffer ones are a little heavier, but they don’t float like this stuff does, and i’m not sure i want to work with it  yet.   so let’s look at specific saris next.


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