almost there

almost there.  really.  so close i can taste it.  all it needs is the varnish coat.  and a couple of touches on the book / fin.  and maybe a little it more antiquing on the dolphin’s feet.  there’s also a little confusion over who is going to put the polyurethane topcoat on it, me or the professionals.

but i’ve signed it.  so it’s finished.

maybe i’ll put some iridescent paint over his eye.

yesterday i let the base continue to dry while i finished up the details on the top (little things like putting show on the buttons and going once more around the jacket with cadmium red medium, and touching up the shadows behind the books again, and adding a little line of white to the tops of the books on the bottom shelf, and adding a tiny bit more shading to the steps, and the sidewalk, and on the sides of the columns.  et cetera.  see, i had this dark wash made of raw umber and ultramarine blue, and bunches and bunches of acrylic medium and water,rather a lot of it, so i put a lot of it on in a lot of places, which i don’t remember at this point.  and wherever i put it on, it was almost invisible, but darkened the area just a tiny little smidge more.  very subtle.

like on the waves.  like between the spine of books.  on the books i used a tiny little brush and made it on the dry side.  for the waves, i took a much larger brush and slapped the wash on over a wave or two, then brushed the still-wet paint off the tops of the waves with a paper towel.  and tho it didn’t look like much when i put it on, and while it was still wet, it dries darker, and looks like a big difference now that it’s dried.

i think i will need to go back and darken the spaces on his feet.  they show up too white, too angular.

so i have several things to do, actually.  good thing i’ve got a little more time to think about it.

but doesn’t he just look terrific?  i can’t wait to see him installed.


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