hey susie, look at this.  and brooke.  and laura.

my shipment of 10 kilos of used silk saris arrived today.  the box had suffered a bit in transit; the edges were banged up and the top seam had opened a little so i could see sari fabric poking thru.  the picture is after i cut the tape, so it wasn’t as bad as it looks.  and it was only shipped from jfk airport or nearby, as far as i can tell.  the courier must have brought it over with a lot of other thing from india, and mailed them domestically once they got here.  that’s what i do with my sister.  she’ll go back to ireland with a bunch of things to mail to friends of mine (oh, yeah, susie, i probably haven’t asked you yet.  but will you?)

i pulled them all out and laid them down on my porch swing.  there were two swingloads of saris.  i could smell polyester as i pulled them out, so i suspect some of them aren’t real silk, but most of them are for sure.  i’ll winnow them apart.  at one point i smelled rosewater, and it was really cool to imagine the woman who owned that sari, keeping all her saris in a chest with roses.

there were all kinds of saris in the box.  modern ones with abstract patterns, old tribal patterned saris, heavy silk ones, diaphanously thin ones, printed ones, tye died ones.  there might even be an ikat woven one or two.

these are all used saris, and so many of them have rents or holes or stains on them.  but there’s none of them i can’t use.  there are a bunch i can wear, because i’m in to wearing saris (not the right way) these days.  there are a bunch i can sew into kimonos, and a bunch more i can quilt.  there are only one or two – the thinnest and most beautiful) that are too delicate to use.  and i’ll figure out something to do with them.

when i’m done with my dolphin then i’ll lay them out properly and photograph them for reference, and sort them according to the weight of the silk, for projects that i can start on just as soon as i finish all the other projects i’ve started.


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