you’d think i’d never read a book

i spent the last two days working on the books.  the same process; first coats, contrasting coats, opaque coats, deepening coats, shadows, edges, black lines, white highlights (except i forgot the highlights).

this is just to show both sides so you’ll be able to see the difference.

i’ll have to take closeups tomorrow so you can see the detailing on the books once i start putting letters on.

i had to mix up my own gold color.  i tried using gold acrylic paint, but it’s too transparent.  then i tried using epoxy gold paint, out of a pen, and it’s too dark.  so i had to mix my own, using yellow ochre and white, with a dollop of the acrylic gold and a splash of cadmium yellow light.  it goes on gloppy, as acrylic paint does – why i don’t like using it – but with my finest brush and lots of twisting the paint off the tip before trying for a letter, i can get maybe half a letter down.

this gets old fast.  i end up using gloppy paint on the end of the brush, because it goes further.  ideally i’ll come back with more paint after it’s dry, and try to glop some on the spots that are invisibly too thin.  but i may not, if the effect at a distance says: books.

this is a shot of his butt, a side of him you won’t see when he’s finished.  the tail looks silly because i haven’t even begun the inking.  there’s a pencil drawing under the buff titanium, but so far i’ve only put on the red border.  it’s crimson, rather than scarlet, so i’m not sure whether to make it the same color as the jacket (tails) or keep it the actual book’s real color.

hah, the answer is easy.  go for the illusion rather than verisimilitude.  the six-syllable word will take care of itself if the illusion is good enough.

a pitiful comment on our discrimination as humans, but there you are.

ah, and the best part of all, i’ve just figured out a way of putting the pages down on the waves without making a wrinkled mess out of it.

it’s called image transfer, and there are a billion ways to do it.  i’m testing out the paint it with acrylic and dissolve the paper away technique.  it should work, and then i’ll just have the words.  i figured out how to flip the words in gimp (photoshop for linux), will print out all my pages, and then separate them and glue them to the base with a lot more confidence than i did with the marbled jacket trim.


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