my next public art project?

or something just like.  i want to do this kind of thing for real.

A striking outdoor lighting design for a Scottish city underpass proves that high impact doesn’t have to mean high energy, as this large scale 170 LED lighting installation consumes the equivalent energy of 6 incandescent light bulbs. The impressive space was conceived through a collaboration between the Glasgow based design studios Bigg Design and Zero-Waste Design, who successfully transformed the once foreboding underpass in Cumbernauld into a welcoming space that changes color in 4 stages between dusk and dawn, adding a sense of life to their cityscape silhouette wall mural.

Cumbernauld, Scotland, LED, Street lighting, Green lighting, underpass, innovative LEDs

This project demonstrates a great way to reclaim city spaces and turn them into 21st century places as the colorful lighting transitions completely transform the atmosphere  throughout the day and night. The LED outdoor lighting changes include orange hues for early sunset, purple hues for twilight, pink hues for late sunset and blue hues for the duration of the night and the stunning environment is completed with starlight roof effects and a ‘river’ of light that is projected onto the ground.

The designers Hamish Bigg and Roy Shearer worked with local school children at St Maurice’s High School throughout the project (from brainstorming in concept development to getting their hands dirty painting the mural of their town), which they hope has enabled the kids to have a sense of ownership of the space they pass on their daily journey to school. The project was commissioned North Lanarkshire Council in Scotland in order to regenerate the area around the Craiglinn roundabout in Cumbernauld.


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