endless books

it’s coming along, but not fast enough.  it’s already friday, and altho i was originally going to have it in last week, and then the end of this week, it looks like the middle of next week.  because i’ve got more than two days left in the painting of my dolphin.

but he’s looking really good.  so i’m not upset by the delay.  things always take twice as long as you expect.  because stuff happens.

altho this photo is blurred a little, it’s plain that the books are looking like books.  i’m almost thru messing with the books, too, at least their color.  i’m about to start inking in the titles.  and for that i’m going to need to lay my dolphin down so that i can write flat.  i’m very tired of putting my precise straight lines down on the vertical.

it’s difficult to do because i’m using a brush, rather than a pen.  and a brush’s tip bends when you put pressure on it, so the line changes.  and the line changes from the top to the middle to the bottom of a line that’s almost six inches long.  it changes a lot.  i get squiggly, as well as thick and thin.  of course, at five feet you can’t tell.  that’s the thing.  and squiggly keeps it from looking as if it were printed or photoshopped on somehow.  keeps it from looking slick.

i’ll go on about slick one of these blog posts.  slick is when you know what you’re doing and can do it with your eyes shut.  slick is also passionless.  and slick doesn’t allow for the sudden inspiration with its inherent possibility of failure.  slick doesn’t do undignified, slick doesn’t do mistakes.  as a process artist, i avoid slick.

i’m having fun with black lines.  usually i avoid black lines.  i’m more of the opinion that there’s no such thing as a hard edge (another blog post).  but in this case, there are deep shadows and hard edges, because that’s what it takes to make it look real.  the same with the building details on the dolphin’s head.  i’m not done putting lines on it, and in fact, the darkest lines are still to come.  and then it’ll really pop.  same with the books.  dark darks.  cartoonlike.

i’m a little worried about the bottom shelf of books.  the scale of the books on the bottom shelf is much larger than the other books.  i forgot when i put them in that i had to reduce the scale of the other books in order to make them fit on seven inch shelves.  and here i’ve gone and increased the scale of these books to fit a small number of them in.

so i’m going to have to redraw the books on the bottom, and include a lot more than 18 from the list i printed out.  i guess i’ll paint it back to buff titanium when i paint the base the same thing, after i finish publishing this blog post.  i’ll do that, and then i’ll go back to bed, and come in and finish the books tomorrow.  then a whole day gluing paper down to the base, and a whole nother day to finish the details on the head, and another day to do stuff that i’ll figure i have to do between then and now.  and a day to varnish it.  and then back to the aquarium, and back to finishing the projects i haven’t been able to get to.  but that’s later.  this is now.


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