laying in the local color

it being so close to full moon, the monthly crisis is upon those given to dramatics.  and so i’m up late dealing with the inevitable stress of mental and emotional discomfort.  not that i’m not up every night writing this blog post and reading the day’s news; it’s just that this time there’s some drama in it.

i didn’t actually do anything on the dolphin’s head today, but thought i’d show you what i did to the roofline frieze yesterday.  now it looks marbled again.  i’m going to leave the rest of the fiddly details, and the final lines, until i’m done with the books.  by then i’ll be lettering real good.

and here’s the first color on the books.  roughly the local color.  turns out books don’t come in all that many colors.  the reds in particular are limited to crimson and scarlet.  but there are seemingly endless variations on brown.

i’m really glad i numbered the books.  that is, i numbered each reference photo, drew as much of that bookshelf as possible, then marked off which books i had drawn in and which i skipped.  and then i put numbers on the dolphin to mark the same thing.  i’m so glad i did because i couldn’t have found my place at all if i hadn’t.  as it was i went around and around the dolphin looking for the next number, with each color.  there’s one sheet – ten, i think – where i wasn’t paying attention, or jumbled the books up without noting it down, because the book shapes don’t bear any relationship to the books in the photo.

i’d love to get actual book stickers to go on the bottom of each book, but they would eventually delaminate as their adhesive fried in the ultraviolet, so i’ll probably settle for a splotch of white paint.

tomorrow, more paint on the books.  i’m going to be so good at lettering by the end of the week, i can’t tell you.

printed out a few more photos and pages of old books today, also gathered that list of fiction books that i can include on the bottom shelf.  things like gone with the wind and prince of tides.  flannery o’connor and james dickey.


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