cartoon books

i’m sitting down to paint, now that i’m working on the books; it’s much easier on my neck and shoulders.  now my butt hurts, but i can deal with that.  soon i’m going to be sitting on the ground, and i’ll really complain then.

these days i’m sleeping in, until about 8:30 in the morning, because i’m getting up in the middle of the night to write my blog entry and read the news.  once i’m up, i sit on the porch have coffee, and walk the dogs, and come down to the studio about 11.  and work until 7 or 8, or when the sun goes.  work is partly active painting, partly figuring out what to do next, partly resting, partly doing studio things.  and then i have dinner and walk the dogs, eat ice cream and read a chapter, and then go to sleep for a couple of hours until i find myself wakeful and the dogs need to go outside and pee.  wash, rinse, repeat.

so i went around the dolphin’s legs a bunch of times today, working thru the 14 reference photos with one color, and then working thru them again with another color.  half a dozen colors at least.  i know where everything is now, and even tho the proportions are whack in some cases, every book is where it’s supposed to be.

i still have to get the pictures for the coca cola book, and find a place for the delta book.  and a few things like that.

the books look like cartoons now, because they’re just in their local colors, their first coats that still show the pencil lines underneath.  i’ll be putting on more colors, then making highlights and shadows, and then lettering in a bunch of titles in gold and black, for the most part.

on the bottom shelf i’ve penciled in some book outlines, but will wait to draw them in.  i printed out a bunch of georgia fiction, and ten went and found out how many pages the books are (gone with the wind tops it at 960, but uncle remus’ complete tales is close, at 848.  i’ll fill them in when i’m closer to being done with the other books.  i may well make them uniform in height and jacket – special bindings.

but now i’m tired, so i’m knocking off early.  the next step is going to be pasting down the marbled duvet cover over his jacket, as trim.  i’ll probably do a test strip before leaving the studio.


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