51″ around his collar, 11″ around each wrist.  that’s how much marbling i need to have, 2.5 cm i guess that’s an inch wide.  on 8.5×11 paper.  that’s 11 strips 8.5″ wide.  times two pages that i’ve got all printed out on gloss paper.  that’s 187″ so i might have enough.

this is where i get deja vu again.  last time i was doing a dolphin, i had the same feeling of all this work done and then abandoned because it turned out to be a bad idea.  as if, last time, i was seeing forward to now.  that’s what it feels like.  sort of impending doom.  foreshadowing, to go along with today’s theme.  but never mind that now.

today i began with the washes.  and immediately it’s more lifelike and three dimensional.  contour lines are one thing, but objects look real when you put the shadows in.

this is my best work, in general.  the nitpicky little details that make things look like what they are.  i’m still going around and around the dolphin, with my little flat brush and very thin raw umber and ultramarine in acrylic medium, doing one detail at a time.  mostly today i did the shadows on the window insets – the pointy thing at the bottom of the curved black window, and the shadows around the name plaques above the window.

and i went around with the little flat brush and dipped a bunch of buff titanium over all that white i put down yesterday, and also obscured some of the darker brown and even the blue-gray.  but now i’m done with the marbling; promise.  i think.

i got the letters on the roofline right this time.  they were too large before.  so this time, i went in and drew an upper and lower boundary in chalk, and then painted it in using the gray i’ve been using for the shadows.  you can still see the chalk whitening the area too much.

i’m pretty pleased with it so far.

the awning stripes were kind of spontaneous.  that’s thickish cadmium red light, which is opaque, on top of several coats of burnt sienna, which is transparent.  i sponged a little more cadmium red medium on parts of the jacket, and to cover drips and scrapes and errant brush strokes.

the whole thing’s looking more cartoonish, but also more real.

i flashed on the title of the book that i need to paint on the tail fin.  it’ll be called ‘dolphins in atlanta’, and be a collection of old photographs, but there’ll be a dolphin in the shot, and it’ll be up to the keen eye to notice it at all.  i like that.

something like this?

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