more marbling again

my little doggie is sleeping at my feet.  she’s having a dream, and her little feet are padding and her little tail is thumping, and she’s whimpering softly.  i’m lucky to have her.  my sister’s little doggie just had major surgery and is still a bit wobbly; we lost a cat this week to a passing car; my friend kathy came home to one less kitty also this week; i’m working on a pair of cat cushions for my friend marleen who lost two cats a few months ago; my other doggie is in heat so we’ll be having puppies; i still haven’t shaved the big dumb dog who is not liking these high 90 days.  what’s this got to do with dolphins?  it’s rained everywhere but here for the last two days, that’s what.

what with the grandbaby and other distractions, i didn’t get down to the studio until late afternoon, and then couldn’t bring myself to do the little tiny details at the capital level.  so i built upon the perhaps mistaken slashes of white that i left last night.

the marbling was just fine yesterday, until i slashed white all over the columns, thinking it would make them look more three dimensional.  wrong.  it made them look stupidly white instead.  so i got out the buff titanium and smooshed it about with a finger.  and then i got out the brown with the chunks of umber in it, and rubbed some of that on.  not much, just a tap of the finger on the surface of the paint, dab it several places, smear it a couple more, then rub it in unevenly with a dry finger.  and then i found the pot of gray with blue in it, and stuck that on top.  i tried not to think too much about it, and let my fingers do the walking.

a word about inspiration.  you can also call it flow.  you can call it a case of the fairies doing the work while you’re not looking.  it’s a timeless space where what you’re doing is simple and rhythmic enough that your mind can wander into the most amazing places that you only have a taste of when you return to normal consciousness.  all artists know this space.  and anybody who knows this flowing space – the zone – qualifies as an artist.  the flowing feeling is as strong – stronger because i don’t have to consciously work out the details – when i write as when i paint.  it flows out of my fingers, barely connecting with my brain.  and often i don’t recognize the words when i proofread – especially the well written bits.  anyway, the flow is a very beneficial place to be, somewhere in the right side of your brain, or maybe the middle.  autistics have ready access to the flow, which is why i am in awe of autistics and wish i was more profoundly autistic myself.  autistic = artistic, you know.

i’ll get to the shadows tomorrow.  i’m going to leave restating the lines for later, because not all the lines show, anyway.  in the meantime, i whitened the sidewalk in front of the building slightly.  the shadows will make all the difference.

the hands got a generous coat of buff titanium, and then i kept putting my hands on the flippers to turn him as i put another layer on the jacket.  i used a coat of cadmium red medium, sponging it with a cosmetic sponge.  it’s quite opaque, and it’s mostly covered over the stray pencil lines (i did a lot of wasted calculations on the back of this dolphin).  i might be close to done with the color.  well see.  i don’t want to be putting 30 layers on, like i did with the mckenney dolphin.

one thing i’ve been having a lot of trouble with is the printer.  it’s a borrowed printer, but that’s not the problem.  the issue is that i’m running linux on my machine, and most printers don’t work with linux (or scanners).  so if i get a printer that prints at first, within a day it’s giving me trouble or not printing anymore.  i don’t have drivers, i don’t have documentation, it’s a mess.  wtf.

so my plan of printing out copies of all the books, sized correctly and color adjusted, is going nowhere.  i’m having great difficulty standardizing the book sizes, and my prints – the successful ones – are too dark.

so looks like i’m going to end up painting them all in the end.

but i did manage to print out the marbled duvet cover that they use at the hotel, and hopefully have enough sheets printed to cover all the trim on the jacket.

it’s not that late, and i haven’t done that much today, but i’m exhausted, so goodnight.


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