are we garish yet?

today it occurred to me that i could make some quick progress by laying in the local color.  so out came the gray for the rest of the windows and up in between the dentils, and out came the burnt sienna for the awnings.  now, the awnings in the original building, around 1900, were red striped.  but i can’t tell if that was red and white striped, or something else because of the picture quality.  and can’t ask anybody at this point, either.  but it looks so nicely earthtoned in the photo i’ve got that i decided i’d start with that.  maybe put some brighter red stripes in there later.

there’s so much that will have its final color determined later, like the jacket.

santa was over again today, and just like last time, was responsible for a great improvement in the idea.  thanks again santa.

we were sitting and looking at the dolphin, and he wanted to know about the legs.  i proudly told him about my ability to draw books in so that you can read the letters on the spine.

and he asked why i didn’t just glue down the pictures?  i’d printed out a bunch of pictures of the books in the atlanta history center, to use as references.  lots of titles i intended to painstakingly reproduce – in my shaky hand.  if i printed them out in the right size, which is actually pretty tricky, then i could cut them out, glue them down, embellish them with paint, and varnish the hell out of them so they wouldn’t delaminate.  more collage, in other words.

and this is actually a great idea.  it’ll be photorealistic, and i won’t have spent the next 90 hours making it that way.  it’ll look great.  it’s going to take some ink, however, because i’m going to have to adjust the sizes of all those hundred photos i took.  that’s going to take printing, adjusting, printing again.  i’m going to have a lot of waste, and the printer is going to complain.  but hey, it’s the printer’s job to moan.

having thus made two great strides in one day, i spent most of my hours painstakingly putting down one line after another in india ink, with a tiny liner brush.  i got started on the individual marble blocks today, as well as getting the details of the hat right, measuring from both the top and bottom, like i’d planned.  i even got the text box drawn onto the inside of the mouth, which is really tricky, because it’s not a straight line, even tho it looks like one when you stand back.

the ink says its permanent, but i can still rub it off with a damp finger.  even the next day.  this means that when i’ve got all the lines in, i’m going to have to seal it.  probably with a coat of clear acrylic medium, sprayed on with an atomizer.  my asthma’s much better, thanks, and i can easily spray the dolphin’s head with a nice coat of acrylic without resorting to harmful cfcs.  yay old fashioned methods.

tomorrow, more inking.  and i’ll start printing books out.  this is going to be wild.

and just wait until i start in on the head with shadows.  it only begins to look like a building with all the lines in there, but when the shadows go on, it gets three dimensional.  too cool.


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