dolphin drawing

i went up to the carnegie arch in downtown atlanta today.  i spent some time wondering where these chunks of old building were stored between 1977, when the building was knocked down, to 1996 when the facade was cobbled together on a different street corner.  it’s an imposing edifice even as street art, and it was draped with protective netting when i was there.  i have to get all these details onto a dolphin’s head.  hmmm.

i have a choice to make.  see this photo, which is from when they made an addition to the right of the building, maybe sometime in the ’50s when people still wore hats.  during this addition, they took the liberty of altering the building’s facade.  those awnings disappeared later, and so did those little door decorations you can also see underneath the awnings.

you can see the little door thingies better here.  if i make those the pupils, and put the awnings in over his eyes, do you think that’ll look stupid?  do i, more to the point?  which way shall i paint it?

at the moment none of that matters.  what i did today was to level the beast, using my spirit level and bricks underneath the dolly he’s resting on.  one thing i’ve learned, it’s really hard to make a level line around a solid body.  i tried using the level, but it wants a flat surface.  i tried running a string and using a level, but it didn’t work any better.  finally i got out a yardstick and the level, and measured 36″ up from the metal flanges on the base, then measured down for the shelves.

i drew the shelves in today.  there’s 7.25″ between each shelf, which makes them slightly smaller than life size.  the jacket actually curves up, riding up on the back, so i’m going to make the books on the back taller on the top shelf, to take up the space.

and i’ve got an interesting occurrence.  the jacket is going to be short, coming just under the arms, and just above the back fin.  which means that the fin is going to be part of the bookshelf.  so i thought about it for awhile, and realized that i could make the fin look like a book being taken off the bookshelf.  so i just have to find the proper cover to paint in on both sides.  that’ll look cool.

the dolphin is going to be placed in the hotel lobby, just opposite the elevators, and is being looked on as a possible photo op for guests, or at least something to amuse them while they wait to go up to their rooms.  that means that his back won’t be seen, so i’m going to have to put the most important books on the front.

that means a trip to the atlanta history center on tuesday, with my camera.  they have a library ooooh.



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