well, so. it’s over

i’m back from delivering a pair of fiberglass dolphins to the georgia aquarium.  after my contact in marketing had gone home, but not before she’d spoken to security about what should be done with my precious cargo.  it was fun; the longest part of it was sitting in traffic around olympic park square during rush hour.  but we weren’t thinking about rush hour, we left the house the moment the dolphins were tied down in the back of the truck.

this morning jim and i gingerly carried each dolphin outside.  i’d set up a palette on a flat place next to the neighbor’s wall, and we placed each dolphin and then set up the tripod.  i took a full round of photos of each dolphin, and then took the camera off the tripod and did loads of closeups.  these are for my records, as well as to give to the sponsors for their use.  which i’ll do tomorrow.  then i wrapped them up.  that’s down further in the post.

presenting the home depot dolphin:

here are some details:

presenting the mckenney’s dolphin:

here are a few details:

and this is what happened next.  first i used bubble wrap around the sticky-out parts.

then, because i was concerned how freshly laid acrylic varnish might react with plastic wrap under humid conditions of variable temperatures, i decided to put paper around the dolphins so there wouldn’t be a problem.  it just so happens i had a roll of old, brown, completely useless thin brown wrapping paper that i could use.

that, and a roll of masking tape.  and then i took an old roll of plastic wrap and went around and around and around until i was dizzy. unfortunately i didn’t take a photo of the plastic wrap.  too bad, too.  it looked cool.

taking the first dolphin up the stairs nearly wore me and jim out.  so it was wonderful good luck that our neighbor dan wandered by and saw him sitting in the front yard.  dan is the guy who makes wooden painting panels and renovates houses, he’s 18 feet tall and strong as a horse, and he helped bring up the second dolphin, and load them both in the truck, and even went back home for some more rope to tie them both down, seeing as i was suddenly rendered too weak to tie a knot.

here’s dan wrapping the pair of them in his lovely bright rope which i need to drop on his front porch when i take the dogs out.

and here’s a slightly abstract view of the rope work.  thanks, dan.

when we got to the aquarium there was nobody around, which was expected because it was like 6:30.  but this great guy, cisco, wandered by and helped us out.  turns out he’s an artist, too – yay.  so he helped us unload and walk the dolphins up the ramp, and set them up in an out of the way place so they wouldn’t get banged up.  and then we got home before it started raining.

i had actually published this last night before going to bed.  but when i got down here this morning, the post was only saved, and incomplete at that, so i’ve had to reconstruct much of it.  but that’s keeping me from my final report,  so i’ll just get to that and leave whatever i’ve forgotten lost in the ether.


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