is it finished yet?

is it done yet?  a resounding maybe, falling on deaf ears.  but it’s done enough that i’m emailing the sponsors and the aquarium about it as we speak.  the dog’s curled up around the base of the home depot dolphin, sighing and falling into dreams.  so everybody’s happy now.

if i thought yesterday’s jumping up and down every two minutes was exercise, i’ve done a marathon today.  i must have touched absolutely everything on the dolphins, except the dolphins themselves.  sometimes one touch, one little lick of paint on an almost invisible spot.  i thought about turning the paint can lid into a small palette, and putting on all the colors i have left over, but thought against it – it would be too confusing.  plus, what am i thinking, wanting to change things at the end?

today i did few things – oh damn, i can see i’ve left the labeling off the liquid nails.  can’t have that.  back in a minute.  right, i need to do the black outline in the morning, or when it dries, should i still be up.

between doing the important things that hadn’t been gotten to, like the badge and the paint can, i took the orange all over the home depot dolphin and touched up all the orange, the badges and pins, the cord, all those drips and spills.  i hope they don’t get mad because my dolphin’s such a sloppy painter.

the first photo shows the dolphin tilted back against a table so i could paint the can label.  i had a can of the proper paint, so i put it right next to the can on the dolphin, and copied the features of the label, changing it to reflect the project – instead of behr paint, it’s phin paint.  who’ll know?

hey, what’s the blue mark on the paint tray?  okay, fixed that with a finger full of raw sienna.

oh all the things i ‘ll find when i’ve already top coated it.  when it’s too late.

but they’re both looking very good now.  i’d still like to adjust the skin, but i may not get to that.  it’ll have to be first thing in the morning.

on the mckenney’s dolphin i finished the rapidograph, put a final line down the side of the plans, applied the badge.  i had to cut the id badge in half and shorten it, because even tho i copied the badge exactly, from the sample they sent me in the beginning, it was still too big.  so i had to cut it down and squeeze some of the space out of it.  good thing they didn’t give me a title to go along with the name, because that would have taken another line, and thus all the extra space.  as it was, i had to cut into the top of his head where the badge holder strap thingie came on top of it.  but that’s okay, because it looks pretty good anyway.  it got glued on with gel medium, and the edges painted over with white.

and good thing i was looking hard at the pipes, because i noticed where i had put in a strut and painted it silver.  and this is bad because i decided that all the 1/4″ pipes that went anywhere would be silver, and all the struts would be black.  so i had to go in and repaint two segments, and now the whole thing makes more sense.  which you might think wouldn’t matter, except for the fact that this dolphin is going to a bunch of engineers, who will actually stand there and puzzle out where all these pipes go.  so it’s too bad i wasn’t more inventive with the pipes, because they would have enjoyed it.  but oh well.

so i’m done, except for anything small i find in the morning.  the next step is a couple of coats of acrylic varnish, which i will apply with my fingers in the cracks and under the pipes.  and then it’s outside for our photo shoot, and then wrap them up in clingfilm, pack them in blankets, and transport them back to the aquarium.  and then i have only to look forward to the launch.



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