pins and badges

and that’s all i did today.  sitting on the floor, or a step stool, crouched over my work, holding my arms up hour after hour, peering, scraping.

jim located a monstrous headpiece that had three sets of lenses and two lights.  so i wore that all day, and i had an old dental tool that i used as a pick.  it takes a lot of energy to scrape cured epoxy putty off enameled pins.  and in some case i scraped the pins.  turns out the enamel coating, or the clear coat over printed images is rather fragile, and i left some scratches.

this is something that has to read from about a foot and a half, so i had to be a lot more careful than with, say, the clothes.  so it took all day.  and all night.  scraping with a pick, peering from 2″ away thru the highest magnification, where the point of my dental pick looks like a club, picking out pixel-sized flakes of paint and/or putty, scraping the sides of the pins to reveal their shiny metal edges, digging putty away from the edges.

i poked a hole in the fabric, scraping away.  the tool slipped and there it went, sharp as the dickens despite looking like a club.  and when i pressed the area, i realized there was a lot of space in there, and the only thing keeping it rigid was the taughtness of the fabric.  i had put epoxy putty in between the apron where it needed bulk, and where i stuck the pins thru the fabric it had plenty of putty originally.  but there was still a good deal of room in there, so out came the syringe, and the acrylic gel medium, and in went a tubeful.  i was careful to leave the syringe in the hole while pressing and smoothing the medium.  one more danger zone.

the ones on the bottom edge are all metal pins, stuck thru the apron fabric, with backs on them, and putty over the backs.

the ones all over the top are a mixture of fabric patches, plastic badges with pins on the back, and a smattering of pins, which i snipped the pin part before gluing the image part to the dolphin.  remember, the only parts of the apron that are real are the pockets and the seams and ties.

so what’s left?  i need to go around the sides of the badges and pins with orange, which means underpainting with yellow first.  i’ll have to mix up an orange, and may make it slightly darker to make it look like shadow.

i need to sign the dolphins, on the plans and on the back pocket.

the badge is only half done, as is the phone, and i forgot to get pictures of either tonight.

the boots need final touches, seams and treads.

there’s that center line in the pants, and center lines in the boots as well.

the skins need adjustment.  that’ll take a while.

what else?  the liquid nails isn’t finished.

i need more orange on the electric cord.

ah, the paint can label.  that’ll take awhile.

the olfa cutter, which is painted but i think not correctly.

the drill needs another coat of blue and some lettering.

some of the washers and nuts need a touch of silver.

the paint can lid maybe needs a few drops of orange paint.

maybe the pipes need just a little tiny color adjustment.

so the real time spenders tomorrow will be the paint can label, the skin, the badge, the phone, the boots, the liquid nails, the cord, the cutter, the drill, the silver.  never mind the pipes.

and tomorrow’s the day i’m getting all this done.  can i do it all in 18 hours?  we’ll see.


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