today i’m tired, and its getting to the point where taking overall pictures don’t show any changes.  so i figured i’d take pictures of the things i still need to finish.

what you won’t see are the cap that needs lettering, the brush that needs brass, the phone which is half finished and maybe something else.

here are all the different colors on the pumps and small pipes.  i’m still even at this stage waffling about the pipe colors.  i’m now thinking that each size of pipe should have its own color, going from light/small to dark/large.  we’ll see.

here you can see the other side.  the pants still need a line in the middle, and the bootlaces and boot details have yet to be drawn and painted in.

the patch on the shirt is still unfinished.  today i made it blue, and painted the same color over the top part of the neck placket.  i’m going to go into the cracks of the patch with darker blue black, so it will stick out more.  at this point you can’t read it.

i have to apologize for a lot of the pictures that are blurry.  it’s my cheap-ass digital camera that i can’t adjust the focus on, so it takes what it wants.  plus, i’m a bit shaky at this time of night, and don’t hold steady enough for a good shot, tho i’m plenty anchored at multiple points.  my very heartbeat shakes the damned thing.

here you can see the badge, painted white to cover the prior abortive attempt.  you can see how wonderfully this commercial white covers.  the mix jim made me, which hasn’t been used here, consisted of acrylic medium, titanium white, and lead white, because nothing covers like lead.

here’s the liquid nails tube, and the norton sander, and the blue tape, and the electric cord.  most of these things need obvious work, the cord needs another coat of orange, and the cardboard of the blue tape is too yellow and needs a coat of white.

how do you like the jeans?  pretty cool, eh?

the name needs repainting, the badges need scraping to get rid of the paint and putty.  i have to be careful with all the pins and badges, tho, because except for the black home depot mexico pin and one or two others, the badges are coated with plastic, and the pins are coated with some sort of resin, rather than enamel, and will scrape if hit with a sharp tool, say one that’s sharp enough to scrape off dried epoxy putty…

the paint can label, and the drill, different kinds of work, because the can is a graphic and the drill is detailing.

and then there’s the id badge.  i had intended to tip the dolphin up on his side, bringing the badge relatively flat so i could paint it with more comfort.  but i get shaky painting vertically, and these are the most delicate bits i have to do.  so jim suggested i do the badge on tracing paper, and then laminate the tracing paper down to the badge.  i can do that.  so with the smallest brush and a well-anchored hand, i am making good progress.  i found my glasses, which is good, because i can’t see the lettering otherwise.

so that’s about all that’s left.  it’s funny, but as i get closer to the end, my desire to finish each detail to perfection fades.  i spend millions of hours on the clothes, and now that i’m dong surface details of the attachments, it’s looking more real every day.  and i’m finding myself letting the details i was so worried about slide because they don’t make a difference at this point.  like the pipe colors.  hmmm.



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