almost there

it’s getting near the end, and other cliches.  again today i did a thousand little things to both dolphins, and i’ll bet you can’t tell the difference, but to me yards have been done since yesterday.  what, i can hardly tell you, because i go into some sort of time warp when i’m working, and don’t have much retention of the deep thoughts and bubbling emotions i experience when i’m quietly painting the pipes for hours on end.

so, more pipe stuff.  dark paint on the largest pipes, more white on the white pipes – very hard to get a solid white without putting on a hundred coats.  red over the valves, black on the support pipes.  dark gray over the hose clamps so that when i put silver on them later the dark will show thru the holes.  basically, on the mckenney’s dolphin there was little to do.  oh yeah started painting the phone, too.

what’s left here?  cleaning the hat.  iridescing the buttons.  making the shirt logo the proper color (blue black like the shirt)  finishing the belt buckle.  making the line between the legs on the pants.  painting the bootlaces.  lettering the badge.  silver on the flange bolts and other places, where it’s been obscured by overpainting already.  a little more adjustment of the pipe colors.  and i think that’s about it.

i spent much of the day on the home depot dolphin.  the pins and badges first.  i had to go around each badge with the proper color – white, black, orange, yellow.  had to go around twice, painting the edge of the badge where orange had gotten on it, and for the pins, painting the surrounding putty the color of the badge.  then i spent some time putting, first white and ochre, and then orange or black on the electrical cord.  orange went onto the paint surfaces in the can and the tray and on the brush in his mouth.  several coats of orange.  and i spent some time making drips off the side of the can and off the edge of the paint tray, even off the edge of the brush.  to do the brush drips i got out the purple paint that i’d been letting harden all these weeks.  you can see purple drips off the brush.

and what’s left here?  more orange on things for a nice rich color.  a dark wash on the waves, scraping off the badges and pins, lettering on the cap and the drill and the paint can, the black of the olfa cutter, the cardboard of the blue tape, the legs on the pants.  silver on the drill, the can, the lid, the washers and bolts.  black trim on the sanding block.  and the bootlaces.

is that it?  oh yeah, i’m giving myself another chance at doing the skin.  it is too blotchy still.  from four feet away it looks okay, but i want it looking okay from two feet away, so i’ll do more sponging during the day when i can see it better.

so, i should be done around march first, which is wednesday, i think.  or tuesday.  whatever, it’s down to the wire now.

and a good thing, too, because i have a deadline – tomorrow – on a proposal that i very much want to have accepted.  i’ve been preparing it for several months now, but have only been collecting material and mulling it over.  it’s due tomorrow midnight, and i’ve got to pull everything together for it tonight.  that means skimming thru 60 pages of notes.  oy.

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