something something stinking badges

badges?  we don’t need no stinking badges.  i first heard that line in blazing saddles, that wonderful groundbreaking film from 1974.  but it was ripped off from another movie.  and while it doesn’t reflect my attitude toward my project, it does ring in the back of my head every time i think of the word ‘badge‘.

today i got up bright and early, excited to realize that it was friday rather than saturday.  that’s an extra day to work!  yippee.  it meant i had almost 9 hours of sunshine to play with.  to work with.  whatever.

so i did a whole lot of little things.  i put a blue circle on the id badge, painted another coat of blue on the pump valves, overpainted the shirt trim with blue-black (again), painted the buttons white (i had to scrape the paint off one of the buttons to see what color they really are – pearlescent!  tomorrow…)  more silver on the belt buckle.  the same brown i put on the home depot cap yesterday went onto the pants today, and over the workboots a veil of white. i painted the hairline brown.  oh yeah, and i did loads of work on the skin.

except for the skin, mostly what i’m going around doing today is final touches, or what would be final touches if i didn’t have to keep edging.  for every thing i think i’m doing a final touch on, i know i’m going to have to retouch the thing next to it, and come back again to touch up the thing itself.  so a pseudo final touch.  a practice final touch.  a penultimate touch, how’s that?

as for the skin, i went around with the cosmetic pad and my three different grays.  the lines were too sharp, even tho in most dolphin photos the color marks seem sharp enough.  but i was more interested in the mottled dolphins.  so i went around with the middle gray, starting at the main light-dark line that separates the front half from the back half.  i went right around the back of the dolphin, covering all that way dark gray with a veil of mid gray.  a couple of times on each dolphin.  so now it’s more even, because it’s mottled all over.  i came in the darkest gray on top of that, darkening over the eyes and under the cheek, and on top of the nose.

all really subtle.  so subtle i couldn’t see it happening.  because when i put the light gray on over the mid gray, it was the same color.  that’s because wet acrylic is a whole shade lighter than dry acrylic.  so it’s NEVER the same shade when you put it on.  so i was putting on the same color, and could only tell what area i was covering by looking at it sideways, looking at the glare of the wet paint, rather than the color i was putting on.  same thing, sort of.  you can’t really see the coverage this way, only if it’s wet or not.  which is why its splotchy.  but hey, it’ll be splotchy until i put more coats on.

which takes awhile.

party down.

the insides of both dolphins’ mouths got painted pink, and then because i had so much left, i stuck a thin coat of pink on the throat, and a thin coat on the insides of the flippers.  you won’t be able to see it in daylight, tho it’s sure apparent in this photo.

the gloves got a brush ‘n wipe of blue-black.  the same brown on the hairline here, too, and the same brown on the brush handle.  in looking carefully at the belt, i noticed that the levi’s tag on the jeans was glued on top of the belt.  and that’s bad.  so i had to go back and paint that part first black, and then burnt umber to match the rest of the belt.  it would have been embarrassing if i hadn’t noticed it, but it wouldn’t have mattered, because nobody else would have noticed it either.  another coat of the yellow went on the paint can and tray, and a darker cadmium yellow onto the olfa cutter.  and oh yeah i put two coats of a mixed light blue onto the waves.  told you i didn’t like the color.  we’ll see if i need to put a few washes on it to darken the waves in the creases – tomorrow.

i spent the last several hours picking off the blue tape that’s been covering the various pins and badges all these weeks.  most of the edges are going to need filing, and some picking of paint out of the cloth badges has to occur.  and in one case, i managed to scrape off – with a fingernail – the plastic coating and part of the image of the green 500 badge on the right.  i might could repaint it, but i think i’m going to leave it, it’s a small area, and won’t be noticed.

so, what else is there to do?  the lettering on the badge, the name on the apron, the plans glued down onto the pipe.  the pipes a different mess o’colors, the pants where the legs join together.  the buttons on the golf shirt.  the logo on the golf shirt.  the brush.  paint on the brush, and in the can, and in the tray.  the pencil and brushes in the apron.  the details on the drill.  maybe a little lighter on the blueness of the drill.  the electrical cord.  the details on the sanding block.  the paint can label.  the edges of all those badges.  whatever else i’m going to do to the waves, either wavelet highlights or crevice darkening.  touching up the washers and bolts.  drips from the paint can.

and all that skin.

the list is getting shorter.  i want to get this finished this weekend.  i have a big proposal due on tuesday, one i’ve been researching and thinking about all this time, all these many weeks since it was announced, and now i’ve got to turn my attention to getting the proposal done, documented, and posted.  i was going to get some sleep, but i think i’ll wait until it’s more convenient, or until i get the flu.  not.


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